Beatmap Listing » The Crystal Method, Dada Life Bassnectar, Pretty Lights - DJ Sona: Ultimate Concert

Artist:The Crystal Method, Dada Life Bassnectar, Pretty Lights Circle Size:
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Title:DJ Sona: Ultimate Concert HP Drain:
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Creator:N0thing Accuracy:
Length:1:29 (1:23 drain)
Source:League of Legends Genre:Unspecified (Other) BPM:128
Tags:league legends lol dj sona 2015 ultimate skin riot games nosaj thing pretty lights the crystal method dada life bassnectar User Rating:
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Jul 4, 2017
Mar 18, 2018
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Many thanks to:
-Nikita for giving me the song (and thus wasting 55 hours of my time)
-Nyantiaz for making an Easy diff for me (I tried it, it's better than I initially thought)
-Doomsday is Bad for making an Extra (rn still in process)
-Tommy for forcing me to map more :DD
-Touhou for teaching me how to hitsound better (Still shit)
-Real life for allowing me to invest more than 50 hours into the map (still hate you)
-League of Legends, because without them this music and their game would never have existed (And the community.)
-All other mappers for making maps that keep the community growing and thus allow this game to exist (Just lazy)
And of course everyone who played the map - whether it be through the course of the creation process (Shoutout to all of my testplayers - unfortunately there are so many and I didn't keep a list of you all) or now - when playing this map to either mod or have fun playing. You all are awesome XDD