Talent was apparently in season this year, with the results being the closest we’ve ever seen for a fanart contest - ever! Read on to catch a glimpse of the winners, or check out the winners yourself over at the contest listing.

17.04.25 osu!weekly #101

The time has come to open a new chapter on osu! History! A new landing page is out to show off a new face of circle clicking. Did you just come out of hibernation? Read on to find out what you slept through!

Drumming thundered out across the heavens as the osu!taiko World Cup 2017 concluded, with our winners finally decided after weeks of grueling matches!

The Spotlights for March 2017 have been released and can be found here! Their respective packs will be soon available at the Beatmap Pack Listing for easier access.

17.04.15 osu!weekly #100

The osu!weekly title is extending its length on the front page by exactly one character! Though the new home page spoils the new header, you’re gonna have to read on to find out the extent of what’s new in the 100th week (plus/minus a few) since we first started.

osu!mania’s first MBC for the year kicks off in style, featuring the tunes of cYsmix! Test your mapping mettle for prizes, Elite points and more.

Talent is plainly in season this spring as the artists of the osu!community put forward the strongest showing in a fan art contest we’ve seen so far. The votes are now open, so go and make yours count!

17.04.07 osu!weekly #99

April is off to a strong start. We’re not even a week in and we have results for both Aspire and MBC #15, not to mention new loved maps, a public dev meeting and some early information about a osu!taiko Aspire contest?

With a thunderous conclusion, the first stage of Aspire 2017 is over - and we have a clear and decisive winner. Read on to find out more, including details about the next stage of the contest slated to begin this month!

MBC#13 judging is finally concluded, and we have a winner!

17.03.30 osu!weekly #98

This is the osu!weekly, coming to you straight from the new homepage! What new homepage, you may ask? Unless you’re already the appropriate target for the first statement, you’re going to have to read on to find out!

17.03.23 osu!weekly #97

As we delve further into March madness, we edge closer and closer to the very serious month of April. What will we see in the final week of March, and what looms over the horizon in April?

Spring’s drawing near for a lot of the world, and to celebrate, we’re holding another Fanart Contest!

The Ranking Charts has been since always a part of the osu! ecosystem, presenting the community the most noteworthy beatmaps each month where players compete for the top and mappers gain recognition for exceptional work on their beatmaps. However, after all the changes the charts have had to undergo in the past years, they will now encounter their biggest one yet!

17.03.17 osu!weekly #96

A new weekly, a slightly modified format! We have kind of already started rolling this out, but in the coming weeks we will be starting a new version of the standard osu!weekly formula. Looking out for cool new stories? Read on to get your fill!

Miss the presentation livestream? Fear not, we’ve got all the details you need to know to make your vote count in this year’s premier osu! beatmapping contest.

17.03.10 osu!weekly #95

2017 is starting to really show what it can offer us this year. We got a new featured artist, a new mapping contest and a brand new live drawing client for the World Cups. I wonder what else 2017 has to offer?

Descend into the evocative tunes of an uncertain future with the enigmatic sound of our latest Featured Artist, LukHash!

17.03.02 osu!weekly #94

The ceremonial war drums are about to be sounded to signal the beginning of our annual osu!taiko World Cup! There are hints of some big changes coming soon, and our weekly publication is here to help you stay in the know. Read on to get educated!

Another month rolls by, another contest to test your mettle on. Ever tried catching fruits for fun? How about arranging them for once?