A double recap is available this week for both the Round of 16 and the Quarter Finals of osu!catch World Cup! Read on to get up to speed on what to expect for the battle of the top 8 these coming weekends.

A close encounter with Airman, multiple 700pp plays and more in this week’s edition of scorewatch!

With our newest osu! mascot stealing everyone’s hearts, what better way to celebrate her arrival is there than a brand new fan art contest?

Light it up with this week’s Scorewatch, featuring some crazy plays on Blue Zenith, United DT, squartatrice and more!

17.06.07 osu!weekly #106

With the osu!catch World Cup blasting off to a thunderous start, we have an action packed line-up for you in the glorious form of a full blown recap, and more! Read on to find out!

Descend into the Kingdom of Silence with the latest talent to join the Featured Artist roster - the Fractal Dreamers!

Scorewatch has spread its wings and liberated itself from the osu!weekly once and for all! The greatest of player achievements from around the community are now all in one place, coming to you directly on the front page.

Fond of catching some fruit? Fancy yourself some manic keypressing? Voting for the March and April Monthly Beatmapping Contests is now open - featuring both osu!catch and osu!mania.

The talent behind Function Phantom and a dozen other aliases to boot, Rin joins us from the Kuroneko Lounge as a Featured Artist!

The Spotlights for April 2017 have been released and can be found here! Their respective packs are available at the Beatmap Pack Listing for easier access.

After almost a year in the making, the new osu!taiko mascot is finally ready to enter the scene. Say hello to Mocha!

17.05.25 osu!weekly #105

Even with osu!catch World Cup looming over the horizon, you can’t let your guard down or you’ll fall behind on the never ending onslaught of updates. Read on to catch up with everything osu! has to offer!

17.05.18 osu!weekly #104

We’re headed into an action packed summer kicking development into high gear! This week, we bid farewell to some old scaffolds that facilitate the construction of our new website. Curious to find out what has changed? Read on to find out!

17.05.11 osu!weekly #103

Over 100 issues of the osu!weekly, 10 million users, and 10 years of unforgettable memories. A slew of new information this week made it one of the most memorable of our decade long history yet! Our story is only just beginning, so read on to find out what’s been going on.

As the osu! beatmapping world still reels from the thunderous conclusion to the last Aspire contest, it is time for the osu!taiko community to take their very first steps into the unknown, featuring the sound of Function Phantom!

Hello everyone! It sure has been a while since I’ve posted a news post here (thanks to all those involved in keeping the community informed in my place as I focus on development and keeping-things-running!).

A familiar face joins the ranks of the osu!musicians - none other than Kuba Oms, the talent behind My Love!

Here we are again with this year’s official osu!catch World Cup. As in every year, the rules have been adjusted from the previous CWC, so please read them carefully before registering for this tournament.

17.05.03 osu!weekly #102

The days of our current client are numbered! With so much going into the work of our new platform, how can you afford to be behind on news? Read on to find out what you have been missing.

Talent was apparently in season this year, with the results being the closest we’ve ever seen for a fanart contest - ever! Read on to catch a glimpse of the winners, or check out the winners yourself over at the contest listing.