Beatmap Listing

Title Artist Creator Difficulty Updated
GigaP - Drop Pop Candy
mapped by iWaifu
Dragonforce - Scars of Yesterday
mapped by Youre Salty xd
Enter Shikari - Wall (High Contrast Remix)
mapped by h4d0uk3n1
TrySail - High Free Spirits
mapped by Victorica
from ハイスクール・フリート
Big Russian Boss - Rockstar (feat WLVS, Zest)
mapped by otcoc
ParagonX9 - Defection
mapped by Ak1o
from Newgrounds
mapped by LMT
Riot Games Japan - HANAMI ON THE RIFT (PV ver.)
mapped by Antares-
from League of Legends
Miku Sawai - Colorful. (AnimeVer.)
mapped by Shad0w1and
from 冴えない彼女の育てかた
O2i3 - TSLove
mapped by [_Chichinya_]
mapped by Unlucky Team
from 3-gatsu no Lion
Ayaka Ohashi - Wagamama MIRROR HEART
mapped by -hb
from Masamune-kun no Revenge
Yuna (CV: Sayaka Kanda) - Break Beat Bark!
mapped by Tsuchimikado
from 劇場版 ソードアート・オンライン -オーディナル・スケール-
Nicorinpana - after school NAVIGATORS
mapped by Gender
Suzaki Aya - Chinjufu No Asa
mapped by Victorica
from 艦隊これくしょん
Alex Sin - Somber
mapped by D4nKA
CARTOON feat. Coleman Trapp - Why We Lose
mapped by Sandwich
League of Legends - Hanabi ON THE RIFT (PV ver.)
mapped by Command DDOS
Stonebank (feat. EMEL) - Ripped To Pieces
mapped by Monstrata
TK from Ling tosite sigure - Signal
mapped by Rad-
mapped by lazyboy007
from 東方Project
Imperial Circus Dead Decadence - Fushoku Ressentiment, Fushi Yoku no Sarugakuza
mapped by MrKOSIEJ
Hashimoto Yukari - Lost my pieces
mapped by [-naniwa-]
from とらドラ!
mapped by Artorias
Eminence & Markus Cole - My Galaxy (feat. Q'AILA)
mapped by KostaRMax
Int Company - Ocean
mapped by Rockz7ar
from Int Company
mapped by Nitronic Techno
from Cytus
Eden - Wake Up
mapped by AlienSushi
GFRIEND - Fingertip
mapped by cosmiccc
Ludwig van Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata - 3. Presto Agitato
mapped by Fenza
Aimer - Kataomoi
mapped by Sasa Kanako
from daydream
cillia - Fairytale,
mapped by ProEzreal
mapped by MagiTaSo
mapped by Hysteria
M2U - Howling
mapped by xXRosalineXx