Beatmap Listing

Title Artist Creator Difficulty Updated
Buta-Otome - Kaze ni Noseta Negai
mapped by Pituophis
Sayuri - Heikousen
mapped by xLolicore-
from クズの本懐
Eurico - Robbie Rabbit
mapped by MysticRaven
from Musync
Sex Whales & Fraxo - Dead To Me (Feat. Lox Chatterbox)
mapped by [Soul]
polysha + daph - Interstellar Experience
mapped by eledultson
from VOEZ
R3 Music Box - Words/Aimer
mapped by OsuDeCarlos
Larval Stage Planning - Rolling Star
mapped by j1a0c1k8y6
from Kisaragi Golden Star
mapped by YotsubaYaya
from SOUND VOLTEX II -infinite infection-
Set It Off - Kill The Lights
mapped by Cosmolade
(Lovelyz) - WoW!
mapped by TombEagle
Bag Raiders - Shooting Stars
mapped by ]FuhKu[
Yuna (CV: Sayaka Kanda) - Break Beat Bark!
mapped by Ohwow
Camellia - Ultimate Ascension
mapped by xRaigekix
Eishoukobu - Oriental Blossom
mapped by ffstar0716
mapped by Doctor Flippers
from OMORI
Bts - Not Today
mapped by Barodock13
fourfolium - Now Loading!!!!
mapped by JztCallMeRon
from NEW GAME!
mapped by DDM
Yuikonnu & Ayaponzu - Super Nuko World
mapped by Nekos
KillerBlood - Future World
mapped by Nut_55
from Cytus
Halsey - Colors
mapped by Hakard
May'n - Kyou ni Koiiro
mapped by Momochikun
from いなり、こんこん、恋いろは。
Reol - No title
mapped by Ascendance
Walkure - Ikenai Borderline
mapped by JIMMYISGAY
Ani feat. Moco - Light up My Love
mapped by Varios Darz
from Cytus
Hayami Saori & Touyama Nao - Everyday World
mapped by Vanillas
from やはりこのキャラソンはまちがっている。続
Big Bang - Sober
mapped by Barodock13
Triodust - Ne m'oubliez pas
mapped by Dynamix
from Lanota
mapped by fieryrage
from Medal of Honor: Warfighter
Perfume - Electro World
mapped by tanbla
Naoki Miki(CV.Takahashi Rie) & Ebisuzawa Kurumi(CV.Ozawa Ari) - Unhappy End World
mapped by ProEzreal
from がっこうぐらし!
mapped by Sakiya