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osu!catch World Cup 2017 - Registrations now open!


Here we are again with this year's official osu!catch World Cup. As in every year, the rules have been adjusted from the previous CWC, so please read them carefully before registering for this tournament.

For more details, refer to the osu!catch World Cup 2017 wiki article. You can discuss this event in the official forum thread.

##Tournament Schedule

  • Registration Phase: 03-14 May 2017
  • Live Drawings: 28 May 2017 14:00 UTC+0
  • Group Stage: 03-04 Jun 2017
  • Round of 16: 10-11 Jun 2017
  • Quarterfinals: 17-18 Jun 2017
  • Semifinals: 24-25 Jun 2017
  • Finals - Week 1: 01-02 Jul 2017
  • Finals - Week 2: 08-09 Jul 2017

##What has been changed?

  • We have changed our prize pool to offer unique and exclusive merchandise to all of our podium winners, giving the winners something more special, rewarding and outstanding when competing against the best of the best.
  • We adjusted the mappool structure and size. All pools are now of a size of 16 beatmaps in total, whereas 6 are in the NoMod bracket and 3 are in the Hidden HardRock and DoubleTime brackets respectively, and 1 is the tiebreaker of the pool.
  • We have adjusted the ban amounts for balancing purposes. Teams may only ban 1 beatmap each per match now.
  • Along with opening up the new World Cup season, the graphic design has been renewed to give everything a fresh touch.


We plan to distribute exclusive and unique merchandise to all our podium winners in different tiers. The items are yet to be announced.

  • 1st: unique item, profile badge, "osu!catch Champion" user title
  • 2nd: unique item, profile badge
  • 3rd: unique item, profile badge

##How do I register?

  • Click here to sign-up!
  • Do not create teams in advance! Teams will be formed after registration phase concluded by country’s team captains.
  • Hand in your registration before 14. May 2017.

Note that you can only participate if you are of a osu!catch global ranking of #5000 or higher and did not violate the osu! community rules in the past 12 months.

If your registration successfully passed our evaluation, you will be put on the candidate list of your country. Whenever a captain for your country has been assigned, the list will be sent to them. This may take a while, so please be patient.

Remember that any registrations past the deadline will not be considered under any circumstances - so get your registrations done early to avoid any last-minute issues.