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osu!taiko World Cup 2017 Results


Drumming thundered out across the heavens as the osu!taiko World Cup 2017 concluded, with our winners finally decided after weeks of grueling matches!

Over the course of six hellish weeks, the best of osu!taiko's best slogged it out in a 24-team worldwide frenzy to determine the Don of dons. TWC 2017 was a far cry from last year's tournament, with scoreV2 shaking up the very foundations of the contest, as well as a fiendishly difficult mappool the likes of which the TWC has never seen before.

It all came together to create some of the most intense matches in the TWC thus far, and made the conclusion of the tournament all the more satisfying.

Without further ado, let's get to the results!

With an explosively dominating performance, team Japan claims victory in the osu!taiko World Cup 2017!

Veteran captain tasuke912 returned for the third year in a row to show the rest of the world that the Japanese will simply not be beat at their own cultural pasttime, leading a team that consisted of the six highest ranked players on the osu!taiko leaderboards. Team Japan struck fear and awe in participants and spectators alike, their record throughout the tournament only slightly sullied by the loss of a single point in the entirety of the contest. A near perfect score.

Japan takes home the grand prize - a unique piece of TWC themed merchandise, a profile badge and the highly coveted osu!taiko Champion title. Congratulations!

Defending their title for another year, team Taiwan surges into second place and takes home the silver.

Led by cunning strategist S a n d, Taiwan returned to the tournament with a retinue of experienced players, some having played for the country in TWCs dating back to 2011. An assortment of new and talented players performed respectably among some of the gamemode's oldest players, culminating into a devastating strength in nearly every mod category. A worthy contender for second place, to be sure.

Taiwan receives a special piece of TWC merchandise for their efforts, as well as a profile badge for each team-member to commemorate their near-win.

In third place, team Hong Kong goes home with the bronze!

Leading the team was thomas1195, a returning player who has represented Hong Kong since 2014. Whilst the majority of the team was fairly new to tournament play, they certainly had no shortage of skill when it came to technical mastery of the game, proving themselves a powerful force in the tournament.

Team Hong Kong takes home a profile badge as proof of their performance, along with some unique TWC merchandise all of their own.

I have had the utmost joy of experiencing this splendid tournament through three different perspectives; as player, commentator, and recap writer.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the players for their good sportsmanship, and the tournament staff for the amount of effort they’ve put in behind the scenes - for without their undying commitment and dedication this World Cup would not have been as successful and amazing as it was.

Finally, I’d also like to thank all the viewers for showing support for their teams and creating a truly exciting environment for such a fantastic contest to take place in.

I can't wait for next year's TWC, and I hope you feel the same way.

See you then!