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osu!weekly #100


The osu!weekly title is extending its length on the front page by exactly one character! Though the new home page spoils the new header, you’re gonna have to read on to find out the extent of what’s new in the 100th week (plus/minus a few) since we first started.

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Woah there peppy, you haven’t caught your breath since starting up the osu!dev blog again! A flurry of updates made to the osu!lazer client saw the long awaited revival of the osu!dev blog last week. To say that signs of life have been emerging from the well established outlet of development news would be an understatement of massive proportions. Ever since the 9th of April, a new post has been made every day. If you want to prevent yourself from being hopelessly behind on the times, I recommend you go check out the new jekyll powered blog before it’s too late!

*from https://blog.ppy.sh/2017-04-14/*

That said, what better time is there than now to start helping out with the development of our game? The open source lazer branch is open to all to contribute to and move forward. Additionally, the new site at new.ppy.sh is also open source and ready for anyone to take a look at. To that end, there is also a bounty system set up as an incentive for certain tasks, so go see what it’s about if you think you have the know-how!

Voting for the spring osu!fan art contest is well underway! It seems like this iteration has some serious competition going on for the top spot., with 3 votes proving simply not enough with so many great entries. Overall, everyone is very impressed with the turn-out and are excited to see which selected works will make it onto the menu for the spring update.

One of the biggest kicks mappers get from Aspire mapping contests is trying to break the game in interesting ways (and be endorsed for it). -Mo-, one of the entrants of our latest such competition, uploaded a video describing how he achieved some of the effects he made in his entry. His channel also has some other cool discussions on game mechanics and how mappers can utilize them (sort of like a certain other popular youtube channel), so don’t stop with that video if you’re interested!

The skins! channel has been coming out with a LOT of content recently with a bunch of different contributors! I count 3 videos just from the past week, with some new reviewers joining the cast of the channel. In case you don’t know what the skins! channel is yet, it is a group of people coming together to provide feedback and commentary on skins from the community. They provide a suggestion for who might be interested in the skin at the end of the video, so there’s something for everyone out of these videos!

Cookiezi took 8* FCs to the next level and one-upped it to grab a HD SS off the Loved DECO*27 - Ghost Rule. This play would have been worth 680pp. Watch as Cookiezi nails all the jumps, and almost doesn’t nail all the spinners.

Hey, this is pretty good. Araki - Snow Drive (01.23), 224BPM, 8.5*, and one man to conquer it. Cookiezi took it to the next floor by pulling off a monstrous 99.94% HD FC, which would be worth 808pp. Let the cursor do the talking.

_index secured the next FC on the famous The Quick Brown Fox - The Big Black, setting an amazing 99.73% FC to get 317pp. His HR score will be missed, but this makes it the current 9th FC on the map.

Deceitful pulled off easy pp big time as he stomped 9mm Parabellum Bullet - Inferno with an amazing HDHR SS, becoming the first player to do so and also grab 932pp in the process. osu!catch players, go wild.

Pope Gadget is back on the scorewatch again with a crazy SS score on DragonForce - The Warrior Inside to earn himself 392pp. Crazy amounts of endurance is needed to even get close to an SS on this map, and Pope becomes the first player to SS it. Check it out!

Also, shoutouts to RAMPAGE88 for being the first player in osu! history to hit Level 108!


MiruHong proves that he is still a rising Canadian player by setting an insane 99.67% HDHR FC on Camellia & DJ Genki - Feelin Sky mapped by The Fetish to earn himself 571pp (with 71.68UR).

Vaxei finally broke free and into 2nd place on the Global Rankings, and to celebrate that, he tried to replicate what Rafis liked doing best and set a pretty neat HDDTHR 97.80% FC on Fujijo Seitokai Shikkou-bu - Best FriendS and earn himself 650pp.


Starting from osu!weekly 100 onwards, we are going to start the Scorewatch Score Show, part of the Scorewatch bundle you get every week. We got our great friend Zseikimatsu to help create these shows. Subscribe to him!

This week, it is, of course, the battle of the beasts, Cookiezi and Vaxei, as the duel it out on the map Remote Control. Have a watch!

TWC 2017 Week 5 Summary - Finals Week 1 - with magnomizer

This week in Finals Week 1, we saw 5 intense matches between the 6 teams that remained in the tournament. To summarise, Germany and the United States made an early exit, followed shortly by Canada after an extremely close match with Hong Kong. Taiwan and Japan are now the only two teams that remain in the tournament, and they will fight it out for gold this coming Saturday.

There were definitely some incredible highlights that took place over the weekend, and you can check these out by watching the VODs here. Alternatively, you can settle for a more detailed recap below:

The weekend started off smoothly with the match between Hong Kong and the United States. Despite the latter team showing an impressive performance against Taiwan in the previous stage, they were unable to take a single point from their new opponent, conceding the match 6-0. The two subsequent matches ended in a similar fashion as both Taiwan and Germany were missing key players, limiting their ability to put up a good fight against Japan and Canada respectively. With that, Japan was guaranteed Top 2, and Canada would proceed to face Hong Kong in the loser’s bracket final.

Before we move on, one particular highlight that must be mentioned was the first ever 6-way fail in TWC history, taking place in the match between Germany and Canada. Following this years’ TWC spirit of “suicide picks”, Germany picked the map xi - FREEDOM DiVE. Despite their best player Mew104 having by far the highest score in the room, even he, like everyone else, could not pass the map. With that came a new ruling that determined the victor by summing up failed score, and so Canada was able to take the point by a slight margin. Perhaps these rules may be revised if future instances of this occur?

Regardless, after a drought of three 6-0 sweeps, we finally arrived at a match that showed promise of reaching tiebreaker. The match between Hong Kong and Canada was truly spectacular. The match started off fairly evenly, with both teams winning on their own respective picks. However, this all changed when the score reached 3-3, as Canada went for the Free Mod pick kuroma - Pon-Pon-Pompoko Dai-Sen-Saw!. Hong Kong responded with 3 HR players, and stole the first break point of the match. Hong Kong then capitalised on its newfound momentum, and despite Canada putting up a valiant effort, they were overwhelmed in the end, and the match concluded 6-4.

Finally, Hong Kong then went on to face Taiwan in what would be the final match of the weekend. While initially looking to be a very close battle, Taiwan asserted its dominance by winning pick after pick, leaving no opportunity for Hong Kong to retaliate. With a crushing 0-6 defeat, Hong Kong will finish in 3rd place for this year’s TWC. In spite of the results, the tiebreaker map was played anyway, showcasing the skills of the players competing. Suffice to say, only two people managed to pass.

Coming up in Finals Week 2, we have the last match of the tournament scheduled to take place on Saturday 15th April, 05:00 UTC. There we will see Taiwan have their rematch against Japan, in an intense Bo13 brawl. Will they be able to triumph over Japan in an unexpected comeback? Or will Japan remain untouchable, having never conceded a single point in the tournament thus far? Find out this coming weekend by heading over to the osu!live twitch channel this Saturday to witness the stunning conclusion of TWC 2017!

Despite the 100th week culminating a set of changes that have happened over the past few weeks, there’s still some more to be excited for! For those who have e-mailed us about inclusion in the community promotion program for tournaments, you will likely see further updates on that soon as well as the part it has to play in the future of the osu!weekly. If you have any ideas for what you’d like to see in the next issue of the weekly, send us an e-mail at news@ppy.sh. Alternatively, give me or deadbeat a shout in the osu!weekly channel at the osu!dev discord.