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osu!weekly #98


This is the osu!weekly, coming to you straight from the new homepage! What new homepage, you may ask? Unless you’re already the appropriate target for the first statement, you’re going to have to read on to find out!

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Weekly news

Granted, you could have already figured this out by yourself, but new.ppy.sh has a brand new look! For those of you who are severely behind on the times, the work in progress of our new net platform is available for public testing. With the site inching steadily towards a release, there’s not much time left to get your own name on a piece of osu! contribution history! If you have the technical know-how, you can head on over to the repository where you can contribute to the development of both the osu-web and the lazer projects.

The osu!weekly is currently trying to get more tournaments into our wiki! If you are currently approved for a badge already from our lovely staff, send us an e-mail at news@ppy.sh to find out how you can participate in our community promotion program.

While we wait for the new platform to take shape, Loctav has sounded the call to arms for mappers to start digging away at our featured artists! That said, if you have a map of a song that is taken directly from our featured artist listing, drop your map in the thread and we’ll see where we can take it together.

It seems that Ephemeral has hit a rather stiff hitch in his work, but is now nearing a complete recovery! This means that popular events that I know you all have been direly needing news of will finally see the light of day sometime soon. Hopefully, we’ll also finally have the new scheduled dev meeting for everyone to gloss over as well!

Around the community

Our top spot regular pishifat continues to deliver, this week giving us a little bit of his take on how we choose songs to be mapped! This topic should be no stranger to a lot of those who already are well and beyond the gates of the ranked category. For those of us who are not yet so experienced, perhaps now is a good time to do yourself a favor and watch some of the videos that this man puts out. While I can’t say watching a lot of videos in one go is very healthy, you’ll find yourself well on your way to becoming a mapping champion a lot faster here!

The skins! channel seems to be a collaborative effort between different members (mostly CBullet) of the community to review and promote skins from around the community. The channel looks to provide both a way to give mappers genuine feedback for their work, as well as score and categorize them so players would know what to expect when opening them up. This week, they have graced us with not one, but two new reviews! The first of our dynamic duo is an interestingly crusty looking skin called UJSv6, and the latter is a skin featuring a fantastic back animation aptly titled steampowered.

Scorewatch: March week 4 (With Scorewatch Patrol)

Angelsim took accuracy to the next league as he managed to pull off a stunning 99.74% FC on LeaF - Paraclete, gaining 486pp. This play becomes the only play on the leaderboards to have a single digit 100 count. Almost flawless.

Care to play a 22 minute 7* map? Sure, said ThePooN, who went on to break the 1 billion score barrier and set a 6 miss 99.75% score on Renard - Because Maybe! pt. 2 that gave him 529pp. Sit down, relax, and listen to some Renard with some insane skill from this French player.

WubWoofWolf makes the SS rank feel like a joke to him as he pulled that out of Kuroneko Dungeon - Ryoushi no Umi no Lindwurm on yf & Crystal’s Extra with HDHR to gain 312pp. No one in the leaderboards are remotely close to him. See this flawless play for yourself!

_Asriel broke loose as he pulled off an amazing 96.62% HDDT FC on BOSSFIGHT - Dr. Wily's Castle: Stage 1 to earn himself 611pp. No one has yet to even come close to this crazy score on the leaderboards. See it for yourself!


Xilver took Linked Horizon - Jiyuu no Tsubasa (TV Size) to a whole new challenge by slapping on HDDT and getting only 1 sliderbreak, setting a 97.54% 473pp play.

Cookiezi took a trip down memory lane as he mashed his way and finally pulled off a mindblowing HDDT 95.2% FC on Demetori - Emotional Skyscraper ~ World's End, giving him 450pp.

free mutual absolutely destroyed nano - Omoide Kakera by pulling off a “never been done before” 97.95% HR FC, giving him 561pp (with 83 UR).

jakads pulled off an impressive 97.92% S rank score on xi - PEACE BREAKER on the 1.2x difficulty, only getting 38 misses throughout.

TWC 2017 Week 3 Summary: Quarter Finals - with magnomizer


This week in Quarter Finals, we see yet another 8 spectacular matches between the 16 countries that still remain in the tournament. Don’t worry if you’ve missed out though, as you can always watch the VODs here, or settle for a brief recap below:

Starting off with the winner’s bracket, all matches were fairly one sided as the winning team ploughed through the opposition with a confident 5-1 or 5-0 victory, knocking Australia, Germany, Hong Kong and South Korea to the loser’s bracket. Over on the loser’s bracket, we had 2 fairly close matches on Saturday, in the form of Spain vs UK and Chile vs Brazil. While both matches started off evenly, both Spain and Chile pulled through and won with 5-2.

However, the highlight of the weekend was certainly the match between Malaysia and Poland. Despite Malaysia snatching an early lead of 4-1, Poland was able to turn the tide of the battle by decisively picking technical maps. Slowly but surely, it wore down the opposing team and Poland was able to force a tiebreaker. Despite a valiant effort from both teams, only CreepyDuck from Poland was able to pass the map, resulting in the first ever 5-way fail in TWC history. This just goes to show how frighteningly difficult the mappool is, and how it will continue to rise in difficulty in the remaining weeks.

Lastly, we must say our goodbyes to the 4 countries that have been eliminated. They have all tried their hardest, but alas only the strongest will survive. TWC is certainly no walk in the park, so well done to Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia and the United Kingdom for making it this far.

Next week in Semifinals, the first match is scheduled to take place on Saturday 1st April, 10:00 UTC. There we will see France facing off against South Korea – perhaps they will be able to take revenge following their match in Group Stage? With a total of 8 nail-biting matches to come, be sure to drop by the osu!live twitch channel this weekend to show your support for the teams that remain!

Apparently, the next issue I’m in charge of will be quite special! While I can neither confirm nor deny the possibility of some *overhauling* being done, I think it is safe to promise that nothing will be quite the same! Deadbeat will be around to cover us next week, so don’t go anywhere. Drop us an e-mail at [news@ppy.sh](mailto:news@ppy.sh) if you have any news you would like to share with us. Alternatively, I’m really just too deadbeat to leave the osu!dev discord, so feel free to drop either me (HI IT'S ME I’M NYQUILL) or deadbeat a highlight!