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Fanart Contest #9: Spring


Spring's drawing near for a lot of the world, and to celebrate, we're holding another Fanart Contest!

Ah, spring. The one time of the year where the world truly comes alive, as life sheds the veil of winter and blossoms into colour once more. Every country knows spring a little differently from everyone else, and we'd love to see your take on what spring looks like for your country, even if it isn't actually spring where you are right now.

Have an artistic streak? Whip out your drawing implement of choice and take a pass at this brand new contest, with the theme being:

The mascots in Spring!

What that means is entirely up to you, so long as it is related to spring in some way.

As always, the community-submitted mascots from previous contests welcome to be featured in your work. Don't forget pippi, Yuzu, Maria and pippi-don though, even if drums are getting all the spotlight recently because of the Taiko World Cup.

The top 10 entries as voted by the public will see their artists receive with 2 months of osu!supporter, and we'll also feature them on the main-menu as cycling backgrounds for a short while after the contest concludes, as well as showcase them in a news post.

The contest will accept entries for 21 days from the date of this post. You can check the actual time remaining by checking out the contest listing.


  • Artists should use the custom templates provided: PSD template / PNG template.
  • The templates above denote WHERE THE osu! COOKIE IS LOCATED IN THE MAIN MENU. You probably don't want to draw anything central to your piece inside the central circle, as it'll be occluded by the cookie on the main-menu.
  • Entries must meet the size requirements for a main-menu piece (at least 1366x768, or higher. 2732x1536 is optimal wherever possible.)
  • All entries must be at least vaguely "spring" themed, where spring is the turning of winter into.. not-winter. Whether you portray this through customs, a change in the environment, outfits, whatever - is entirely up to you, so long as it is about spring somehow.
  • Submit only your own work! Don’t plagiarise. I made this only applies if you actually made something, and if it turns out that you didn't, we'll un-make you from the contest and every contest ever held thereafter.
  • Don’t use copyrighted characters from other intellectual properties. The community-submitted mascots from previous contests are free to be used, but remember that these designs are somebody else’s creation, so make sure to treat them with the same respect that you’d want shown to your work.

Check out the contest listing page and enter!

Let your talent bloom!