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osu!weekly #90


What better way is there to spend your cold winter nights than indoors playing high intensity adrenaline pumping rhythm games? Give your brain some power by catching up with everything happening from community mania tournaments to community based initiatives for recognizing the best. Read on to find out more!

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Weekly news

Just a reminder to all you fine citizens, the Best of 2016 voting is now well underway! Flex your right to have a say by heading over to the contest listing and take your pick of your top 10 favorite maps of 2016. You have a measly 9 days left to do so, so don’t delay and make “best of” great again!

For those of us looking for “alternative” results, handsome is running something called the “mappers’ choice awards”! Designed for the slightly more “core” members of the community, the mappers choice awards represent perhaps a more concentrated perspective on what mappers and modders think the best of the best were in 2016. Both mappers and modders are able to participate, so if you fall under either of those categories, head on over and have your say!

Perhaps the most notable non-official 4K mania tournament of the year, the SOFT (Springtime osu!mania FFA Tournament) is back. Aptly titled “SOFT2”, the every man for himself slugfest is back under new leadership! If you think you have what it takes to come out victorious in a messy climb to the top over the bodies of your opponents, head on over and sign up now!

The way Taiko is played is looking to get a once in a blue moon revamp soon! It looks like taiko is getting some well deserved attention right before the start of TWC. Are you an experienced taiko player and want to have your input in shaping the future of the game mode? Head on over to the discussion thread to take a look at what's been suggested and what needs reforming!

Back on the side of community initiatives, there seems to be a cool new talk show hosted by the Circle People channel. It’s just a tad bit lengthy, but they do talk about some interesting things featuring prolific members of the community. If you have the time to spare, flick through the timestamps and take a listen at some insights provided!

Scorewatch: January Week 4 (with Scorewatch Patrol)

Gayzmcgee has managed to snipe Cookiezi’s 7 month old lead off the top place on SHK - Identity Part 4 with a ridiculous 99.67% HDDT FC, granting him 542pp. This is what we call consistent streaming of the highest caliber. Mind you, this play only caught 3x 100’s throughout, which is exceptional. I think we have said enough, the video shows it better.

Say hello to the newest member of the 700pp club! Dustice pulled an absolute rabbit out of the hat with a kradness&Reol - Remote Control HDDT 98.15% 1x miss play and set a local accomplishment of 717pp. Seeing this player rise up in ranks and pp just makes us all a little happier inside. Check it out below, and hopefully your heart won’t break at the miss.

Our fellow Scorewatch Patrol member n1doking has pulled off the first ever taiko FC on The Quick Brown Fox - The Big Black! The leaderboards are full of high miss plays, and now one golden S rank sits high above them all. No other player has come remotely close to his achievement, not even _yu68 himself. Congratulations, check it out below!

Talk about coincidences! Jimmy Rustler just so happened to have set a similarly insane osu!catch play on the exact same map, The Quick Brown Fox - The Big Black! With both the EZ and FL mods enabled, he scores a SS, giving him 654pp. Check it out, it’s wild!

jhlee0133 has killed this map for sure. He managed to FC Camellia - K.Y.A.F.A on the RELENTLESS MASSACRE difficulty, which has a star rating of 6.22*. Clocking in at 220 BPM, the entirety of the map is incredibly dense and stamina-draining. No one else on the leaderboards has come close to FC’ing this monstrosity, and you can see why in the video below!


Rohulk pulled off an amazing HDHR 97.49% FC play on Memme - Chinese Restaurant on the tyui difficulty.

Adamqs grabbed 516pp off an unusual map to get pp off from, onoken - P8107, with an amazing HDHR 98.60% FC.

hikikochan uploaded a new taiko liveplay, scoring a 98.98% FC on Remo Prototype[CV: Hanamori Yumiri] - Sendan Life with her unique one-handed playstyle!

And that’s it for today’s scorewatch! Insane and record-breaking scores do not have breaks so far for 2017, and behind the scenes is just as crazy: a new super secret member has joined the patrol, this member is special since he doesn't watch scores, but something rather different. You guys will see his awesome work next time!

The scores were definitely pretty crazy this week! If you have information you’d like to be spread in the form of next week’s issue of the osu!weekly, be sure to drop by the osu!dev discord and give me or deadbeat a highlight. A good number of suggestions formed this week’s issue, so don’t be afraid to give us whatever you have in mind! Otherwise, you can e-mail as usual at news@ppy.sh. Deadbeat has us covered next week, so don’t go anywhere!