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osu!weekly #89


It’s the season of the best. The best of 2016 is live, players are voting for the best players of the year. Maybe after this, we should hold a best weekly of 2016. That only seems fair, doesn’t it?

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Weekly news

The third Aspire mapping contest has started. This time around, we’ll be using The Solace of Oblivion, one of Helblinde’s tracks from this new album, Ephemerality. The contest will run for 32 days which should give people more than enough time to create some wonderous eye candy for this almost 6 minute beast of a song.

Our new year gifts don’t stop there though with though, as the best of 2016 voting is now finally live! For those new to osu!, at the start of the year, we hold a vote where you - the players get to vote for what you think were the best maps of the year.

ztrot and myself (deadbeat) have released another new osu!talk. This time around, we got to talk to two time OWC winner, Toy. So if you’ve ever been interested in learning a bit more about him (or where his name came from), now’s your chance!

We have some new additions to the BNG this week. Give a warm welcome to the following users:

We also have 2 returning members to the GMT. ToGlette and Atrue are now back in green and ready to lay down some smack down.

osu! players have long since admired the nono keyboards, but what about extending that to other game modes? Surely osu!mania could also benefit greatly from something similar? Well you’re not the only one to think so. LastExceed has created something similar to the infamous nono keyboards, but with mania more in mind. Could we be seeing more of this in the future?

The guys over at #modhelp have decided to host another modhelp mapping contest. Contestants will have 48 hours to create and submit a single difficulty. Winners will receive 6/4/2 months of supporter with first place also receiving a fancy profile badge. The contest will start on the 28th, so be sure to check out the thread for all the information.

The Community Mentorship program has started preparing for round three. Hosted by Yuii- and Okorin, the program is scouting for mappers motivated enough to take on a beginner mapper to show them the way into the mapping community. The applications are open until the 5th of February so if you are mapping osu! and are interested in this idea, give this thread a read.

handsome has gone out of his way to dig up some neat stats and records regarding mapping during 2016. For example, did you know that there were 481 mappers in 2016, 153 of which were new?

Scorewatch: January Week 3 (with Scorewatch Patrol)

Vaxei just can’t stop choking can he? He managed to set an impressive choke on Izumi Akazawa (CV. Madoka Yonezawa) - Responsibility Response on the Slayed’s Answer difficulty with a 98.08% 2 miss 632pp play. This play, however, is at 303BPM with the DT mod slapped on, forcing him into situations where he singletaps at 303BPM! What can this kid not do?

Cookiezi went a step further beyond the boundaries of insanity and HDDT FCed M2U feat. Guriri - Magnolia on AngelHoney’s ExtrA with a 97.92% 454pp play. Watch out at 0:54 where it all goes down the drain, Cookiezi manages to FC all the sliders despite dropping some sliderends which is an incredible feat regardless. Take a gander at this amazing score.

Chiyoko - Baby Fantastic!(Epsilon Remix) is a 5:34 6.37 marathon map for taiko.* So what happens when the global No. 1 decides to try this map with HDDT? Well, he FCs it of course. _yu68 shows that he can still hit those drums to the beat with a 99.57% 633pp play. This is nothing short of breathtaking for this Japanese player.

WindyS has been going on a DT mania run himself too, clinching an amazing 3rd place on the DT leaderboards for orangentle / Yu_Asahina - HAELEQUIN (Extended ver.) on Jinjin’s 7K difficulty. This places the song at a staggering 258BPM. This play is also, apparently, worth 1629pp. I don’t know if that amount of pp equates to the speed seen in this video, how about you judge it yourself!

osu!mania 7K World Cup Week 2: As we Wave goodbye

The quarter finals got off to a solid start with convincing 5-0 win for South Korea in their match against Thailand. South Korea left the group stage having only conceded one point and are looking to make sure it stays that way. With an average accuracy of 99.67%, South Korea are looking just as strong as ever.

We’ve already seen one 5-0 win, but did we see any more? Yes, yes we did. In the second match, we saw another convincing 5-0, this time between China and France. While France did put up a strong fight with some rather close scores on Sora no Senritsu and Hyori Ittai, it just wasn’t enough to calm the Chinese storm.

Chile and Indonesia took to the stage next, with many hoping that this would be the match to break the 5-0 streak. To everyone’s relief, we saw not a 5-0, but a 5-2 in favor of Indonesia. Chile did put up a valiant effort, having the highest scoring player in 4 of the 7 maps.

Our last match of the day was between the United States and the Philippines. While the United States was the favorite going into the match, and managed to snag a few points on both Pink Gold and X-D-A-T, it wasn’t enough as the Philippines surged ahead to a well deserved 5-2 win.

With all the mapping contests, MWC and voting out and about, it sounds like you’ll all be busy for a while. However, If you have any suggestions for what you would like to see in the weekly (and have some spare time), feel free to drop by the osu!dev discord and directly highlight Nyquill or myself (deadbeat) in the #osu-weekly channel. Alternatively, you can also e-mail as usual at news@ppy.sh.

See you next week!