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December 2016 Ranking Charts


The Ranking Charts for December 2016 have been released and can be found here! Their respective packs are available at the Beatmap Pack Listing for easier access.

##Ranking Charts Creation

The charts have previously been created by letting volunteers alongside the Quality Assurance Team select the most noteworthy maps of this month. We also reward the top beatmap in each category by providing 1 month of supporter status to the mapper.


'Extra' does some interesting experiments with streams, overlaps and stacking, making it really unique. The numerous gimmicks complement the song well and never feel forced in. The only oddity is the placement of the very last note, but it doesn't influence the overall experience. For those players who can't handle the reading challenges 'Extra' provides, 'Azure's Insane' is a more simple, but similarly charming interpretation of this catchy song.

'Senbonzakura' is easily one of the best mapsets this month. The higher difficulties are very fast-paced, but flow super well due to the high amount of sliders and intuitive placements. The mapset is also exceptionally consistent with its concepts and style, even across multiple difficulties. Overall, this mapset will impress players with its coherency and smooth playability.

'Last Trigger' convinces with the clean patterning and nice flow that Asphyxia is known for. The intense jump patterns in the choruses and highly spaced streams make this a very challenging map, but they never feel overdone. The rest of the spread is also nicely structured and pleasant to play. What makes this mapset stand out even more though, is the amazing storyboard done by BeatStar. Make sure to play this one with storyboard enabled!

An absolutely breathtaking experience to behold. Even though it's spboxer3's first ranked map in almost 2 years, it still manages to hold up well. The map is truly a journey, with a slow and gradual buildup into an intense final half, a perfect representation of the song's intensity. And I haven't started on the glorious storyboard yet. I strongly urge you to play it with storyboard, and not only once, but all the time. It's really something else when paired with the song and map. I don't want to spoil it, as it's best experienced first-hand, but it takes environmental storyboard to the next level.

"Reviving" a good ol' song mapped a couple of years ago, Mao has composed a well-designed map with some old-style mapping. It is one of those maps in which you feel rewarded for getting more, and more into the map as its difficulty keeps on getting harder as the music goes on.

pishifat contributing another really well-mapped Apocalyptica map to the ranked section is no surprise anymore. The song's pace varies a lot, so does the map and its patterns. Playing this one feels like an adventure similar to sailing the seven seas. 'BOUYAAA's Extra' provides a less stressful experience for those players who can't handle the challenges 'Extreme' provides.


Although there aren't any extra-rated map,the structure of this set is rather solid and almost flawless, especially Oni. JUDYDANNY uses kat not only follow the snare of the song, but also vocal and instrument. And he manages to make balance with every instrument every well. It lead to rather solid structure and flow which is very impressive to me. Moreover, other difficulties also mapped in similar idea like oni. No matter the usage of break or highest snapped patterns, he mapped them on correct place. All in all, this set is quite nicely mapped and worth to be one of maps in December chart!

The only "marathon"-length map for this month's chart is brought to you by gaston_2199! You don't know who he is? Well, he is quite new to the taiko mapping scene, with his oldest maps only dating back to 2016! Which makes it just more impressive, how well-done this map is. Its patterns play incredibly well, while being fitting to the song. Very well-done variations make this map feel less repetitive - on a drum'n'bass song! Careful use of slider velocity and volume changes help give each part the necessary feeling and importance in the context of the whole song.

Quite an interesting set. The harmonic mix of beat and improvised mapping is a good example how these two mapping ways can complete eachother: A very consistent placement of main beats which make the beatmaps pleasant to play, followed by varying patterns that keeps the whole set being interesting as well. It's a good contrast to other beatmaps and bears also some good training for those who are not familiar with 3/4 snapped objects.

An easy set for this month! The spread only goes from 0.59 to 2.22 stars, yet this map is one of the only taiko map featuring a storyboard made and created for this game mode. Combined with, as always, a high quality mapping by tasuke912 with a good mixture of consistency and variety, this map is clearly noteworthy and completely deserves to be highlighted and present to this month's taiko chart!

Who is this dude called Ntiger? Anyway, this dude called Ntiger has created some very interesting guest difficulties on this map, let's get right into the map! Apart from the obvious clever placements of 1/6 quadruplets throughout the maps, what is more note worthy is the SV changes he has included. Some gradual slowdown in parts actually creates some form of subtle illusion, creating the effect as if you were actually in a foggy forest. The SV changes in this map definitely adds an extra point to the fun meter. Moreover, the concept of using large amounts of SV changes in ranked maps are quite recent, which I believe would definitely help to push the ranked section forward. The best part is when the vocal mentions "It's getting closer", the notes literally create the illusion of them coming closer; which again, is a very clever touch on bonding the map with the song even closer. Overall, a very interesting map, great job Ntige- wait, who are you again?

The structure in Oni by qoot8123 is way beyond "solid" or "sophisticated". It might seem mundane, but trust me, you can't pick any flaws no matter how hard you try. The Oni difficulty offers a very Authentic (Taiko no Tatsujin) style like structure. The map mostly features simple triplet, pentaplets, and slightly more complex but short streams; a perfect combination of good song and good map for beginners sharpen their skills. As of the lower difficulties by Sh1n1, they are once again very well structured. On top of that, the spread between each difficulties are well set. Overall, a very well-done set.


Great mapset by JBH. The rhythm is perfectly handled throughout every difficulty, and that does not let the overall difficulty of the mapset decay. Overdose is a fresh idea that includes no hyper-dashes at all and that forces the players to do very little movements in a short amount of time if they want to keep their combos. Even the lowest difficulties are not that easy due to some distances that might look shorter than they actually are! I would have still liked to see a lower AR for a more "appropriate" challenge, though.

It should come as no surprise that Louis' maps have something of a following in osu!catch for their distinctive style, even after conversion, and this map is no exception. Combining excellent balance between the different piano layers and a high, variable rate of BPM allows for a multitude of interesting patterns from smoothly flowing streams to sharp, snappy jumps and even long winding sliders to test a player's accuracy. The difficulty spread features something for all levels of difficulty, with each map being more unique than the last. Try them all and you're sure to find a favourite!

While I am not a big fan of the difference between Platter and Rain this set has a place in the montly charts. Each difficulty represent it's level perfectly. Rain is mapped by JBHyperion with his own unique way of looking and mapping this song which ended up being a streamy chorus part. And Jusenkyo choosed the more calmer way of mapping the Platter which ended up just being perfect.

Whilst this is a fairly interesting osu!standard mapset this converts to a tamer yet still solid osu!catch experience. The fast pace of the song can make for some exciting moments with some fast movement and even some rather quick snaps yet the difficulties remain overall fair and consistent. With some varied approach rates and circle sizes across the top difficulties this mapset is enjoyable for all.

This is actually a really nice and challenging set if I take into account that it is just converted to osu!catch. The Hard difficulty has some tricky movement which might be good to learn how to play on higher approach rate. Insane has its own unique stream jumps which are actually really hard to play and Extra contains more jumpy patterns to make itself challenging.

While Satellite's maps are usually easy in osu!catch this is somewhat an exception. The extra difficulty has some really tricky jump which requires good timing and this provides some challenge to players. One of the two Lunatic is a usual Insane diffuculty while the other being slower which is good to cover the usually jumpless Hard and take it's place. The lower difficulties are good to get used to the higher approach rate while having some easier pattern to read. All in all, I think this is a really good mapset.


A map of a song with a linear algebra reference can't ever go wrong, am I right? Nivrad00 comes back to the ranked map scene once more featuring very technical structures! Every difficulty is appropriately mapped in terms of patterning and overall strain, and the highest difficulty includes some finger-breaking bursts and trills! It's also pretty neat to see that Nivrad00 (being a piano player himself) managed to make the map feel as if one was playing the piano. Well executed in terms of pitch relevance and chord structuring. Master this map, and you will be one step closer to moving up in the ranking columns and raising your rank! (Sorry for this terrible linear algebra pun)

I remember picking this for one of the community tournaments that has been running this last months and when I saw that Parachor was going for rank with it I knew that it would be at least close to be the map of the month. And god I was right. Everything about this map just screams unique and meta-changing which is why I ended up nominating this for December. The SV usage in here gives the map a lot of grinding potential and replayability, combine that with a really interesting and complex snapping and around 33% of total notes being just LNs. Definetly one of the unique pieces that we dont really see that often in the ranked section. Congratulations Parachor, I am looking forward for more stuff from you.

This mapset has been around for quite a long time and I'm glad to finally see it ranked. Ichigaki did a great job in polishing the hardest difficulty, as it was a little imbalanced at first. It contains pretty much everything you would expect from a 4K map, great and diverse, yet demanding patterning and well-made SVs which compliment the chaotic nature of the song. Definitely one of the more memorable and fun mapsets.

Once again this time around we have another 4K set and this time from one of the newest mappers, eyes! I have to say that this map surprised me the moment I saw it the first time. It just felt so fun to play all the time! The song choice helps a lot and eyes managed to replicate that energy into the map nicely. Featuring a minijack style in the main kiai sections and in general crazy SVs that just makes you want to jump and start moving at the rhythm of the music. Once again, one of those maps that you could play multiple times without getting tired of it and a well deserved spot into the charts of December.

As it is unfrequent we get to see a set featuring which are 2 of the most ignored keymodes out there. I am talking of course about 5 and 9K. This was indeed a good month for 9K, geting some stuff to play with and this particular case its good enough to feature it on the charts. Rather simple for those who can actually play this keymodes but the fact of being a nice introduction for those who are starting is what makes this particular map shine. Once again, stuff that we dont really see very often.

It makes me more than happy to see finally another German osu!mania beatmapper. Hiranaka created here a really good beatmap of the song Light It Up. Like we already know from osu!mania, a Camellia song can't work without SV changes and exactly this did Hiranaka. A lot of stutter SV's without overdoing it. Together with some LN sections and jumpstreams this beatmap has everything what it needs. A well deserved place in the December charts!

The December 2016 ranking charts will end on the 15th February 2017.

##Past Ranking Charts results

Due to a maintenance of the current score system for the charts, we have to halt the release of the winners of the past charts. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to reactivate the score system soon!

For now we wish you good luck with the new charts! We’d love to hear any and all feedback you have about the them - feel free to leave a comment below!