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    Title-holders: Image Taiwan




SLOTS: 32/32

» Group Stage:

Group A — Japan \ Australia \ Denmark \ Germany \
Group B — Netherlands \ Philippines \ Hungary \ New Zealand \
Group C — Poland \ Norway \ Ukraine \ Indonesia \
Group D — Republic of Korea \ Canada \ Vietnam \ Hong Kong
Group E — Chile \ France \ Portugal \ Latvia \
Group F — Russian Federation \ Finland \ Malaysia \ Uruguay
Group G — Taiwan \ Sweden \ Bulgaria \ Brazil
Group H — United States \ Thailand \ Austria \ Argentina

The video from drawing can be found HERE.

You can also view the detailed group informations HERE .

» Official tournament rules.

» #1 Sign-ups:

1. The country will be represented by the captain, which will choose its players. The captain will be choosen in the forum national thread/IRC talk
by the trusted members. Basic English language knowledge is required from the person of captain.
2. To sign up, you need AT LEAST 4 players in the team. You can though sign-up with additional 2 players as the back-up in case of first players' absence. To sign-up simply post the team outline in this thread.
3. The sign-up time lasts from the day of 28th October to 21st November, 23:59 GMT+0 (3 weeks + 3 days).
4. The sign-ups automatically stop after reaching 32 participants.
5. If there's more attention to the tournament than we expect, the number of participants might be raised.

An example of sign-up post:

Country name:
Captain: Nickname1
Player1: Nickname2
Player2: Nickname3
Player3: Nickname4
Back-up Player1: Nickname5
Back-up Player2: Nickname6

Time zone: GMT+0 (if you don't know your time zone, visit this site )

» #2 Playing informations:

1. We are looking for 32 teams from 32 countries. If there are less participants than we want, the tournament will be modeled according to the reached number.
2. In the first stage, the teams will be divided into 8 groups of 4 team in each one.
3. All the teams from each group will face each other.
4. 2 teams with the largest amount of points are being promoted to the 1/16 Cup Stage.

You can see the match schedule here:


» #3 Match informations:

1. 15 minutes before the match, the captains must contact each other and confirm the ready to play and the amount of players.
2. During the match, there must be 8 players on the server hosted by one of the captains, 4 players from each team.
3. One of the players (captain would be preferred) must capture screenshots of all of the map results.
4. Each round, the staff will announce the list of 15 beatmaps, from which the captains will be able to choose. 1 team chooses 2 beatmaps to play, however, we'd prefer if you prepare the third and fourth choice in case the opposed team chooses same maps. That means you play to 3 maps won.
5. In the case of a draw, an extra choosen map is played.
6. The settings of the server will be: osu! standard mode, "Team vs" mode and win condition: score.
7. The only allowed mod in-game is No Video.
8. The country with best total score on the map wins.
9. After the match, a captain of one of the teams must send a PM to fartownik or NatsumeRin with link to the Multiplayer History of the game and screenshots from all of the maps. If any of the captains won't do it, the match will be cancelled and a re-match will be needed.
10. The players can freely change themselves between the maps.

» #4 Other:

1. No more team than 1 from 1 country can sign-up to the tournament.
2. All of the team players' flag in the profile must be the same as their country's. However, it can be got around in special cases.
3. Any form of non-fair behaviour (such as cheating, insulting other players, racism) will be punished with an immediate banishment of the player/the team from the tournament.

» #5 Map list for the 1st Stage:

Map list for the 2nd Stage:

Maplist for the 3rd Stage:

Maplist for the Round of 16 (1/8 Stage):

Maplist for the Quarter-finals:

Maplist for the Semi-finals:

Maplist for the Final and 3rd place match:


Remember, you choose 3 BEATMAPS as a team from semi-finals round.

» #6 Prizes

1st Place:

  • 6 months supporter tag for all players
  • A special profile badge for all players

2nd Place:

  • 1 month supporter tag for all players

3rd Place:

  • 1 month supporter tag for all players

» #7 Timetables and dates:

The Cup will start in the day of 21st November.
The proposed hours of the matches will be posted, but the captains of both teams might change the date after the discussion.

» Participants:


View text-lineups here
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1. Germany Image
Captain: DoKoLP
Player1: SuperCracker
Player2: Blacky
Player3: ShadowSoul
Back-up Player1: Asozial
Back-up Player2: Scanlatione

Time zone: GMT+1

2. Denmark Image
Captain: Emaal
Player1: PlasticSmoothie
Player2: m4w11
Player3: Circlemuncher

Back-up Player1: BongHat

Time zone: GMT+1

3. Norway Image
Captain: kriers
Player1: CXu
Player2: AndreasHD
Player3: Danzai

Back-up Player1: KinomiCandy
Back-up Player2: Oscarface92

Time zone: GMT+1

4. Argentina Image
Captain: Wishy22
Player1: Metro
Player2: Ever17
Player3: Darksonic
Back-up Player1: Salvage
Back-up Player2: Glazbom

Time zone: GMT-3

5. Chile Image
Captain: nVidi4x
Player1: Mesita
Player2: Ignacio
Player3: Art-FzTT
Back-up Player1: b1choO
Back-up Player2: b4ss_

Time zone: GMT-3

6. Portugal Image
Captain: Mikutard
Player1: Makkura
Player2: Maraiga
Player3: Jonnythatjonny
Back-up Player1: Pereira006
Back-up Player2: cococococo

Time-Zone: GMT+0 / GMT-1

7. Brazil Image
Captain: Blue Dragon
Player1: fabriciorby
Player2: Caco
Player3: antsu
Back-up Player1: k3nsh1n_h1mur4
Back-up Player2: Katsuri

Time-Zone: GMT-3/ GMT-2

8. Netherlands Image
Captain: GladiOol
Player1: Lesjuh
Player2: eddieee
Player3: Awoken
Back-up Player1: Henkie
Back-up Player2: zozozofun


9. Ukraine Image
Captain: gorlum
Player1: rockleejkooo
Player2: uljjang
Player3: [milky]
Back-up Player1:
Back-up Player2:


10. Vietnam Image
Captain: Misuzu-san
Player1: JerryC
Player2: Shin1801
Player3: BridgetteLSatellizer
Back-up Player1: xLightningx
Back-up Player2: kira_lacus1995


11. Thailand Image
Captain: NonxE
Player1: Frostmourne
Player2: bufo
Player3: blackspell
Back-up Player1: aumu1995
Back-up Player2: termerys

Time-zone: GMT+7

12. New Zealand Image
Captain: jiantz
Player1: kiiwa
Player2: numot123
Player3: bob_the_cat
Back-up Player1: deadbeat
Back-up Player2: kwk

13. Philippines Image
Captain: C L O U D
Player1: Pizzicatto
Player2: jannnnnn
Player3: dayun10
Back-up Player1: Osu Tatakae Ouendan
Back-up Player2: usagijirosan


14. Bulgaria Image
Captain: Lolicore Flandre
Player1: r-Beatz
Player2: Orihara Izaya
Player3: las7h0p3
Back-up Player1: werewolf0girl
Back-up Player2: ColdChester


15. Sweden Image
Captain: Hanyuu-chan
Player1: Holmir
Player2: m4w11
Player3: Gyuunyu
Back-up Player1: Failboat
Back-up Player2: Nidert


16. Indonesia Image
Captain: Hakeru Prismriver
Player1: xeqta
Player2: dNextGen
Player3: gatitoneku
Back-up Player1: awell
Back-up Player2: awesomewithin


17. Uruguay Image
Captain: maay
Player1: Z e o n
Player2: GonixZ
Player3: H1ko
Back-up Player1: Snepif
Back-up Player2: AlrdyExists


18. France Image
Captain: Odaril
Player1: _LRJ_
Player2: galvenize
Player3: Kanna
Back-up Player1: XPJ38
Back-up Player2: Mustaash


19. Hungary Image
Captain: Kuroi Mato
Player1: tasli
Player2: Kozuki Kallen
Player3: Higurush
Back-up Player1: TaylorXIII
Back-up Player2: TsukishimaKirari x]


20. Canada Image
Captain: FurukawaPan
Player1: Glass
Player2: Silentwings
Player3: shaNk
Back-up Player1: YodaSnipe
Back-up Player2: Satonaka


21. Finland Image
Captain: ragelewa
Player1: Zapy
Player2: Orkel
Player3: Sutsuka
Back-up Player1: heintsi
Back-up Player2: ethox


22. Hong Kong Image
Captain: KanaRin
Player1: Miu Matsuoka
Player2: Kirito47
Player3: henry04213
Back-up Player1: HineX
Back-up Player2: Pokie


23. Australia Image
Captain: Mizorex
Player1: damiaanzx
Player2: Hark
Player3: Frankcons
Back-up Player1: Mikey
Back-up Player2: Neko_Lover


24. Poland Image
Captain: fartownik
Player1: White Wolf
Player2: rEdo
Player3: Kubu
Back-up Player1: Piotrekol
Back-up Player2:


25. Latvia Image
Captain: _Angel
Player1: GummyChan
Player2: LoGo
Player3: Vmx
Back-up Player1:
Back-up Player2:


26. Taiwan Image
Captain: Saya-Honmei
Player1: SnowWhite
Player2: YuyuKo sama
Player3: wizoza83098
Back-up Player1: Tomoka Rin
Back-up Player2: ZRush

27. Republic of Korea
Captain: KRZY
Player1: mnto
Player2: K i R i K a R u
Player3: CheEZ
Back-up Player1: Remilia-Scarlet
Back-up Player2: Reisen Udongein

28. Malaysia
Captain: akupp
Player1: xsrsbsns
Player2: RhaiizoN
Player3: Gon
Back-up Player1: The 08 team_Bourdon
Back-up Player2: zenki0013

Time-zone: GMT+8

29. United States Image
Captain: Kyou-kun
Player1: Cyclone
Player2: Lybydose
Back-up Player1: geckogates
Back-up Player2: david huhh

Time-zone: GMT-5

30. Japan Image
Captain: SiLviA
Player1: Apricot
Player2: Flute
Player3: Iris
Back-up Player1: Sinch
Back-up Player2: val0108

Time-zone: GMT+9

31. Russian Federation Image
Captain: Akai-
Player1: Vpalach
Player2: Kert
Player3: Rost94
Back-up Player1: 646kapeh640
Back-up Player2: cr1m

Time-zone: GMT+4

32. Austria Image
Captain: -Lennox-
Player1: Snowball
Player2: Hanyuu
Player3: HakkeroHakkero
Back-up Player1: novaaa
Back-up Player2: M A R I O

Time-zone: GMT+1

» Current staff:

» Important rule changes between 1st and 2nd edition:

1. 3 maps won by one of the teams gives them a match win. Not 2 maps like it was in the 1st edition.
2. The final maps will be choosen more carefully this time.
3. The teams will be divided into 8 groups of 4 teams each. 2 teams with the largest amount of points passes into the next stage.
4. The additional back-up players are not necessary, but we still prefer if you have at least 1 if there's a possibility.
5. Timezone needed in the post of team sign-up.

If you have any questions/suggestions, feel free to ask in this thread or pm me or NatsumeRin directly.

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Country name: Germany

Captain: Neruell
Player1: Shael
Player2: Blacky (Was allowed to participate for the german team due to this)
Player3: ShadowSoul

- - - - - - - - - -

Backup 1: DoKoLP
Backup 2: SuperCracker

Time zone: GMT +1
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Neruell wrote:
Country name: Germany
Captain: Neruell
Player1: Shael
Player2: [on hold]
Player3: [on hold]

P.S. Will add more players very soon...

Please remember to add your timezone into the post.
It goes to all of the potential participants.
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Country name: Denmark
Captain: Emaal
Player1: PlasticSmoothie
Player2: Rena-chan
Player3: Circlemuncher

Time zone: GMT +1.

misunderstood. will look for others though, don't cut Denmark out just yet.
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Time Zone: GMT + 1

Country name:Norway
Captain: kriers
Player1: CXu
Player2: AndreasHD
Player3: KinomiCandy

Back-up player 1: Danzai
Back-up player 2: Druidianna
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Hope this won't suck like last OWC.
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Wishy22 wrote:
Hope this won't suck like last OWC.

Thanks, I will use your suggestion.
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Captain: Wishy22 Confirmed
Player1: Metro Confirmed
Player2: Ever17 Confirmed
Player3: Darksonic Confirmed
Back-up Player1: Salvage Confirmed
Back-up Player2: Glazbom Confirmed

Time zone: GMT-3

Team's Pet


Female Cheerleaders

Mikumiku97, agussdg, KaoruEvans, ReMx, Vandalika.

Male Cheerleaders

Posse, -batt0, demodemo001, Fullback, grisuh, Hazenkain, Hernan, Jougan, lota78, Luffy, Masha-, Mategas, nhazgul, Pwnt, RockNRolla, Stille, tenchology, theProdigy violentt, Wawix, xsaturosx.

1- I still have to talk with pretty much every team member but I'm sure we all are able to play. (Edited already)
2- Even when I haven't talked with anyone but Metro from that roster (edit: look at the ones Confirmed), I'm sure nobody from this team's gonna play if we got to play those qually again like last year. Which besides the fact that they were a disaster and many players couldn't attend, it was all about people who can't even clear insanes wasting our time (no offense). The team's gonna be the one I posted for sure and if there is anyone else from our country willing to make a team, we would gladly play against them to see which team should represent our country.
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Wishy22 wrote:
Cheerleader 1: Mikumiku97 Confirmed

Yes ! \:D/
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oh god oh god

We'll try to find players for the Brazilian team soon. Just keep in mind that since it's November/starting December, most people here are busy due to final tests and stuff like that.
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so exciting ^^
no double elimination?
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ok it has started...
Life is too short to l--- (wait)

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You know, previous OWC was ok until the final...
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Contact me thought forum-PM if you need me.
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Yah here it comes.

Good luck to everyone \:D/

I can't wait to see Asian's players list.
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