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sup dudes, i'm elizzy.
i joined osu yesterday and i love it a lOT uwu.

now lets transition to some random facts

❤ joined because a few friends of mine was playing, and curiosity got the best of me
❤ my biggest achievement as a newbie, i managed to rack up 10 peppy points in a single play
❤ huge pokemon nerd (Gen1-Gen7, I know little to nothing about the Aloha Region)
❤ my music taste is diverse, but I perfer mostly the Sad Lofi genre.
❤ i have a piano and im a newbie at that aswell (gasp)
❤ aesthetically pleasing things > everything else
❤ i may know a thing or two for bbcoding signatures (if that's useful someday)

i love you
bye ❤
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AW thanks i love me too

Btw welcome to the forum! Hope you have a good time here :D
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Cute avatar ;)

music is life man,
Also you’ll like it if keremal posts
Whether good or bad, it doesn’t matter:

Everything has an end.

The question now is: what do you really want to be?

Better to choose the good over the bad.

Likewise, my stupidity is numbered.

Truth be told, stupidity and common sense are leveled.
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Welcome to the forums~!! <3
And congrats on the 2 digit pp!!!!!! OwO
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Welcome to the forums, hope you have a good time here~
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