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Rhythm Rookie
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Oldie on osu! More like middle-aged though unlike those 8yr vets.
First post on forums

Life is fleeting so spend it on osu! :D
idk what I'm even going to do in forums ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ good to start here I guess
Life is short, so please spend years of your life clicking circles
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Rhythm Incarnate
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Welcome to the forums! Age doesn't matter if you are having fun
Tell me Wheein isn't gorgeous and see what happens
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Spinner Sage
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woh it's a 4-year player
hi i'm keremal welcome to the forums
idiot-ness extraordinaire
add my trashy ass on discord: keremal#1986
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Combo Commander
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Don’t overdo it, just post what comes to mind.

*wildly waves* welcome to the forums
The Bane of OT
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there are some 60 year olds who play osu!, so you're fine!! :wave:
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