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I'm writing this because why not. So apparently, there are forums in osu!. Nice. I'm a Level 48 player as of now, usually singletap but I'm trying to get better at... Uh... Multitapping? Yeah. I downloaded this game in December 2015, but I never made a post outside some cringy 3 years old stuff about my maps. That's enough for an introduction. And french fries aren't illegal because I like them. >:(

Here we are!

I'm PhoenixGold and I'm a:



I play mostly 3-4*, then I try to pass start of hard maps.

I like beatmapping! REALLY!


kamome sano - Ganymede kamome mix (
Realistik - 211 (
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Never were, and hopefully never will be.
Rip me and my lack of knowing nothing about Italian...
Welcome either way. *sigh*
Happiness comes from within.

Thus, people can be happy even when living in the lowliest conditions.

Conversely, that is also why killers are content when they show no remorse for the death of a victim...

So if you want to change someone for the better, it is a good idea to consider changing their likes... in some way.

To string happiness and not standing out together is something I have to work on.
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i thought this was a post discussing why french fries should be illegal, but then it was in introductions..

hi im keremal welcome to the forums
hey kiddies, im not dead on discord :P
add my trashy ass on discord: keremal#1986
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hi i am a twirl welcome to hell enjoy your stay
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