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Hello guys :oops:

Let's keep this short, nobody want to read a novel about a stranger's life. (Oh wait)
My name's Eleyox, I'm 17, a french player who started to play 8 mounth ago (altough this is an older account I created some times ago)
I'm ok with all kinds of musics, my only goal is to relax. (Never worked)

Anyway, see ya :lol:
Eleyox - Osu! Player

On est plus près du cœur quand la poitrine est plate
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Hi welcome

Have a free hug
barely play anything over 4*
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How many French people do I see starting to play :thinking:

Bienvenue lmao
You can call me out for being an “attention-whoring crybaby”, but I don’t care at all at this point.

Besides, what can you gain from not wanting attention?
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