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Omnipotence - wrote:
It's funny it wasn't an issue when tablet became popular..

It's funny that the issue isn't about peripherals being "easier" or "harder". Also tablets vs mouse was a huge discussion topic when tablets became popular. There's no inherit advantage of using tablet so people started to accept them.

Omnipotence - wrote:
If we take for granted that ts>tablet>mouse, and ts gets seperated, mouse shouldn't share leaderboards with tablet either. And then the other playstyle would kinda get a right to be seperated too.

If we take for granted something subjective, your argument will indeed make more sense. The skill ceiling for touchscreen is inherently higher for jump maps. The skill ceiling for tablet is the same as mouse in every aspect, hence mouse = tablet. A touchscreen can allow people to hit jumps that just physically aren't possible with a tablet/mouse, hence touchscreen > tablet/mouse. Quite simple really.

Omnipotence - wrote:
But then what about the hybrid players? 0: What if someone plays pentab/M2? And does it matter if the cursor moves with the mouse or the tablet? Osu is about mastering your own style and seperating someone with his own style is like discrimating them. It's the same that a mouse player could say to a tablet player. If you want to complain get the upgrade.

People can play however they like, as long as they use 1:1 input methods. If someone started using a macro to click triples, I'd call that cheating. If someone skips the process of dragging the cursor across the screen to hit notes I'd call that cheating too. Clicking and moving the cursor are literally the only 2 components of this game, both should require 1:1 input.

Omnipotence - wrote:
EDIT: Tried to make it easier to read.

Another thing: If touchscreen is considered op and cheaty, Imagine a touchscreen with it's screen turned of and touch enabled. Now imagine a tablet that can use 2 or more pens. Now imagine those pens can be worn like a fingerglove of for heavens sake, normal pens glued to your finger. That's not impossible and it would be the same as a large enough normal tablet with this kind of functionality. You can achieve the same on both. Even on mouse. If make a box the exact size of the dimensions you need to move your mouse from side to side you can use your mouse as a tablet.

It's hard to understand what you're saying because you use tablet and touchscreen interchangeably. From how I'm reading it, your idea wouldn't work with conventional tablets, but let's assume it would. You've essentially just asked me to imagine a tablet that we've turned into a touchscreen without the screen. Yes it's still cheating in my eyes. The input isn't 1:1 anymore, so no it's not fair.
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