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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on mardi 22 août 2017 at 23:52:03

Artist: Yousei Teikoku
Title: Shadow Corps
Tags: Lune-chan Yui Itsuki Das Feenreich
BPM: 235
Filesize: 9610kb
Play Time: 04:40
Difficulties Available:

Download: Yousei Teikoku - Shadow Corps
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

Yousei Teikoku - Shadow Corps

Ready for mods!

Normal : Done
Hard : Done
Light Insane : Done
Insane : Done
Insane + : Done
Light Extra : Done
Extra : Done
Challenge : Done

02/05/2017 : Extreme diff. modifs (hitsounds) ans it's now more Extreme :') | Hard diff got some modifs too (hitsounds and there are more notes)
08/05/2017 : Minor changes in every diff except the normal one (hitsounds and notes' adjustments)
14/05/2017 : Improvement in the Normal and Hard diffs
25/07/2017 : Remaking of the Light Insane, Insane, Insane +, Light Extra, and Extra diffs. Extreme diff deleted, "Challenge" diff added.
13/08/2017 : Improvement in some diffs.
18/08/2017 : Hard diff now done, slider velocity chagne in normal diff, adjustments made in Extra diff, Revised Light Extra now done.
19/08/2017 : Light Insane diff now done, little modifications in the Insane diff. Slider velocity reduced in the Normal diff, some improvement has been made in this diff too. / Normal diff now done, revised Insane + diff started, old insane and insane + deleted.
20/08/2017 : Improvement in Insane + diff, little changes in Insane diff.
22/08/2017 : Timing changes, modifications in every map (notes adjustments, and little changes in Light Extra and Extra diffs) and Insane + diff now done.
This is a BSS beatmap submission. Click here to view full beatmap information.
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