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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 04 February 2018 at 20:08:57

Artist: Owl City
Title: Fireflies
Tags: low bpm pop electronica Adam Young
BPM: 90
Filesize: 6086kb
Play Time: 03:18
Difficulties Available:

Download: Owl City - Fireflies
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
This map was mapped for my (now) ex-girlfriend.
For everyone else, I hope it makes you happy.
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surreal ->
01:37:401 (1,2) - space the slider ends slightly further from the start for maximum symettry and a bit better flow.
02:00:067 (5,6) - Consider turning into 2 notes, not really a held vocal
02:17:734 (2,3) - Fix blanket plssss

deep ->
01:34:067 (3,1) - why does this note not go directly over the slider bodyyyyy
01:37:401 (1) - remove nc

nice map my GUY <3
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N = normal/nitpick | B = blanket | Q = questionable

general: u hitsounded but no whistles wtf
also there is more than 20% of song that isn't mapped and while it should be fine logically that's against the RC or whatever because "ugh file size"

Q 00:46:067 (2) - i think this should be a repeat slider and then note but idk
N 01:34:734 (1,2) - needz more CURVE
Q 01:46:734 (2,3) - ugly angle comparison (this might be better)
N 02:22:734 (1,2) - did u not see rrtyui twitter post?? use centered red point or wide S shape it looks less weird
B 02:53:401 (2,3) - again can u not blanket

B 01:08:067 (1,2,3,4) - move down to blanket with 01:10:734 (1)
N 01:19:901 (3,4) - rotate 75 and then see if u can fix distance to next section
Q 01:26:734 (1,2,3) - pattern shape doesn't even complement song smh
N 01:49:734 (2,3,4,1) - there's a small jump in the middle (0.83 to 1.00) and you used literally only 1x for evrything else so you might want to fix that
N 03:17:734 (2,3,4,1) - not even a perfect triangel, isosceles is for nerds
N (general) why didn't you do the dense with the vocals in kiais? circle patterns are cool and all but you could have put a few short sliders in

N 01:32:067 (1) - UGLY
rest of map is cool af for dt probably and i'm not good enough at sleeping to mod

inb4 insane diff
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PRETTY MUCH changed everything, except a few big blanket stuffs from obii's mod since I couldnt physically fit them in
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I'd rather not, sorry Zippy DAD
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17:48 Arphimigon: NOW THAT YOU ARE HERE
17:48 Noffy: WHAT
17:48 Noffy: yes hello i am here you are here how are you
17:48 Arphimigon: 3 LINE MOD THING
17:48 Arphimigon: OR NO
17:48 Noffy: SURE
17:48 Arphimigon: COOL
17:48 *Arphimigon is listening to [ Owl City - Fireflies]
17:49 Noffy: .
17:49 Noffy: FIREFLIES!
17:49 Arphimigon: YUSSSSSSSSSS <33333
17:49 Arphimigon: AAA
17:50 Arphimigon: I dont WANT IT TO BE FANCY
17:50 Arphimigon: I WANT IT TO BE
17:50 Arphimigon: CALM
17:50 Arphimigon: AND
17:50 Arphimigon: STUFF
17:50 Noffy: 00:44:067 (1) -  WHY IS THIS HERE AND NOT 00:44:734 -
17:50 Arphimigon: IDK
17:50 Arphimigon: LEMME C
17:50 Noffy: oN
17:50 *Noffy is editing [ Owl City - Fireflies [Light Sleep]]
17:51 Arphimigon: WOT DIFF
17:51 Arphimigon: O
17:51 Arphimigon: WOT
17:51 Arphimigon: WHY THERE?
17:51 Noffy: i feel like that could go for any diff tho
17:51 Noffy: CAUSE HE'S JUST LIKE "stand and.. STARE"
17:52 Arphimigon: but
17:52 Arphimigon: thats why there is
17:52 Arphimigon: NO STUFF THER
17:52 Arphimigon: TO MAKE PLAYER STARE
17:52 Arphimigon: A
17:52 Noffy: A
17:52 Noffy: ok
17:52 Noffy: 01:13:401 (1,2,1) - i feel that this could be CUTER
17:53 Arphimigon: I WILL MAKE THEM
17:53 Arphimigon: CUTER
17:53 Arphimigon: ESP LAST TWO
17:53 Noffy: GOOODDD
17:54 Arphimigon: MADE THEM
17:54 Arphimigon: LINES
17:54 Noffy: 01:26:734 (1) - also this is doing the weird echoey thing but it looks sad and flat compared to its wavey compatriots 00:28:067 (1) -
17:54 Noffy: CUTE
17:55 Arphimigon: ONTO
17:55 Arphimigon: OLD
17:55 Noffy: OKI
17:55 Arphimigon: DONE
17:56 Noffy: EXCELLENT
17:56 Noffy: what inspired you to map this SONG
17:56 Arphimigon: I LIKE THE SONG
17:56 Arphimigon: AND I WAS LIKE
17:56 Arphimigon: NOT ABLE TO GET TO SLEEP
17:56 Arphimigon: SO IT SEEMED
17:56 Arphimigon: PERFECTLY FITTING
17:57 Arphimigon: pERfCETtT
17:57 Arphimigon: I think the difficulties get BETTER as they go UP
17:57 Arphimigon: Since I kinda mapped the DEEP one cuz liek
17:57 Arphimigon: I thought "ye lets make  fullset"
17:57 Arphimigon: But I only mapped LIGHT cuz FOR SOME REASON
17:57 Arphimigon: DEEP WASNT BELOW 2SR
17:57 Arphimigon: AND THAT MADE ME ANNOYED
17:57 Noffy: 03:18:734 (1) -  hello the last note is at 84.9% and therefore this MP3 IS UNRANKABLE AND MUST B CUT
17:57 Arphimigon: So LIGHT WAS KINDA FORCED
17:58 Arphimigon: wot NO ITS OK
17:58 Arphimigon: CUZ THE END IS VALID TO KEEP
17:58 Arphimigon: CUZ IT HAS MEANING
17:58 Noffy: noH
17:58 Arphimigon: AND PLAYS DURING
17:58 Arphimigon: THE
17:58 Noffy: true
17:58 Arphimigon: And it works so THEMATICALLY LIKE THAT
17:59 Arphimigon: ... ITHINK
17:59 Arphimigon: ...DOES IT?
17:59 Noffy: IT MAKES SENSE.. BUT
17:59 Noffy: oh they changed it to 20% instead of 15% we're good
18:00 Noffy: 01:09:234 (3,4) - fi x stak ck
18:00 Arphimigon: Either way would still work cuz leik
18:00 Arphimigon: ITS NOT 20% OF SILENC
18:00 Arphimigon: a
18:00 Arphimigon: WOT
18:00 Arphimigon: Looks STACKED TO ME
18:00 Arphimigon: WILL REMAKE ANYWAYS
18:00 Arphimigon: Just INCASE
18:00 *Arphimigon remakes
18:00 Arphimigon: REMADE
18:01 Noffy: GOOD
18:01 Noffy: 01:23:734 (5,1,2) -  considering that the light sleep used primarily 1/1 with 1/2 reverses, i think this is rather OUT OF PLACELY HARD
18:01 Arphimigon: iz leik
18:01 Arphimigon: onli 3 taps tho
18:02 Arphimigon: HOW DO I CHANGE IT TO MAKE IT
18:02 Arphimigon: SEEMS FITTING THO
18:02 Noffy: but 
18:02 Arphimigon: its the only way that makes SENS
18:02 Noffy: BUT
18:03 Arphimigon: AND IT HAPPENS
18:03 Arphimigon: MULTIPLE TIMES
18:03 Arphimigon: oNOOOOO
18:03 Noffy: ONOOO
18:03 Arphimigon: I dont think its a problem since there are lots of double stacks
18:03 Arphimigon: And this is just
18:03 Arphimigon: a double stack
18:03 Arphimigon: AFTER 1 SLIDR
18:04 Arphimigon: IF IT IS BIG PROBLEM
18:04 Arphimigon: I CAN FIND A CHANGE
18:04 Noffy: it's just the 1/4 density + pause felt AWKWARD
18:04 Noffy: 00:41:067 (6,1,2) -  mayb reuse this rhythm
18:04 Noffy: but ok
18:04 Noffy: i'll CONTINU
18:04 Arphimigon: I had that idea IN FIRST PLACE
18:05 Arphimigon: but the actual RHYTH
18:05 Arphimigon: IS DIFFERENT HERE
18:05 Arphimigon: so i cried
18:05 Noffy: big TEARS
18:05 Noffy: 01:34:401 (4,1) -  this is supremely cute
18:05 Arphimigon: this
18:05 Arphimigon: did this*
18:05 Arphimigon: owoQT
18:05 Noffy: owob
18:05 Noffy: tho it's weird that once the kiai starts it goes to being largely as dense in rhythm as light sleep was
18:05 Noffy: aa
18:06 Arphimigon: ye well in all the diffs the rhythm intentionally gets MUCH LESS DENSE
18:06 Arphimigon: during the KIAI
18:06 Arphimigon: AND IT FEELS GOOT
18:06 Noffy: oo oki
18:07 Arphimigon: I really dislike uh
18:07 Arphimigon: Lots of tapping where I dont think it works
18:07 Noffy: i SEE and understand 
18:07 Noffy: :oc
18:07 Arphimigon: -kinda ruins the punchy feeling that lots of maps lack nowadays, I miss them-
18:07 Noffy: :O i see
18:08 Noffy: 01:49:734 (2,3,4,1) -  mayb ctrl+h for big cute *runs*
18:08 Arphimigon: but
18:08 Arphimigon: thats the SAME THING AS CURRENT
18:08 Arphimigon: JUST FLIPPED
18:09 Noffy: 02:06:734 (1,2) -  lightning nice
18:09 Arphimigon: I COULD
18:09 Arphimigon: ALSO FLIP THE WAVE
18:09 Noffy: O
18:09 Noffy:  MAYB
18:09 Arphimigon: esp with
18:09 Arphimigon: the LAST NOTE
18:09 Arphimigon: WOT
18:09 Arphimigon: RUN
18:10 Arphimigon: I slapped a mosquito cuz it was being annoying onc
18:11 Noffy: i dont slap mosquits
18:11 Noffy: then they BITE MI
18:12 Arphimigon: SLAP THEM AGAIN
18:12 Arphimigon: AND AGAIN
18:12 Arphimigon: Until they POOF AWAY
18:12 Noffy: 03:00:067 (1) -  whatisthis
18:12 Arphimigon: Trap them in a CUP
18:12 Arphimigon: then
18:12 Arphimigon: SLAP THE CUP
18:13 Arphimigon: This is a NOFFY SLIDER
18:13 Arphimigon: tbh
18:13 Arphimigon: what IS that shape resembling?
18:13 Noffy: a chubby v
18:13 Arphimigon: ooo
18:14 Arphimigon: I wouldve seen a POINTY u
18:14 Noffy: EITHER WAY
18:14 Arphimigon: Actually I still see a pointy U
18:14 Arphimigon: a
18:14 Arphimigon: TRU
18:14 Arphimigon: thats why
18:14 Arphimigon: w
18:14 Arphimigon: is DOUBLE U
18:14 Arphimigon: cuz it looks like
18:14 Arphimigon: TWO Vs
18:14 Noffy: YES
18:14 Arphimigon: AND V = U
18:16 Noffy: YES
18:16 Arphimigon: YES?
18:17 Noffy: YES
18:18 Arphimigon: I WENT
18:18 Arphimigon: AND MAKE THE FINAL KIAI
18:18 Arphimigon: SUPER QT
18:19 Noffy: SUPE
18:19 Noffy: TIME TO SEE
18:19 Arphimigon: It's like
18:19 Arphimigon: k i n da cute
18:19 Arphimigon: then it gets
18:19 Noffy: thinks about SPREAD
18:19 Arphimigon: SUPER CUTE
18:20 Noffy: thinks about the heavy 1/4 in top diff vs. 1/1 in bottom 2
18:20 Noffy: intERNAL CRIS
18:20 Arphimigon: IT WORKS FOR ME
18:20 Arphimigon: THERE ARE
18:20 Noffy: i need ur confidence in life
18:20 Arphimigon: 1/4 1/2 AND 1/1
18:20 Arphimigon: in MIDDLE DIFF
18:20 Arphimigon: ITS LIKE
18:20 Noffy: 01:37:401 (1,2) -  CUTE
18:20 Arphimigon: a FEW 1/4
18:20 Arphimigon: \BUT MOSTLY 1/2
18:21 Arphimigon: SO ITS A GOOD TRANSITION
18:21 Arphimigon: CUTE
18:22 Noffy: now i can finally
18:22 Noffy: search "arphi flies" AND HAVE MAP RESULTS
18:22 Arphimigon: OWO
18:22 Arphimigon: DID YOU SEE LAST KIAI?
18:22 Noffy: INO I'M SCARED
18:22 Arphimigon: :think:
18:22 Noffy: good idea
18:22 Arphimigon: WHY PLAY IT
18:22 Arphimigon: WHEN YOU CAN
18:22 Noffy: 02:54:734 (1) -  what is this
18:22 Arphimigon: i m  ag i n e it
18:23 Noffy: THING
18:23 Arphimigon: ITS
18:23 Arphimigon: FUCKIN KAWAII
18:23 Noffy: IT'S NOT BALANCED
18:23 Noffy: osu is spaghetti now?
18:23 Arphimigon: K I WILL
18:23 Arphimigon: UNSPAGHETTIFY IT
18:24 Noffy: 03:02:734 (1,2) - CUTE
18:24 Arphimigon: OwO
18:24 Noffy: 03:16:067 (9) - wher nc 
18:25 Arphimigon: idk why but I have a weird habit of ALWAYS ENDING in the CENTER or on the y axis
18:25 Arphimigon: o
18:25 Arphimigon: WILL NC
18:25 Arphimigon: NCD
18:25 Arphimigon: wow now the COLOUR FEELS OFF
18:25 Arphimigon: I NEED TO COLOUR HAX just THIS END PART
18:25 Arphimigon: wew
18:25 Noffy: COLORHAX
18:25 Noffy: yes
18:26 Arphimigon: DONE
18:26 Noffy: :D
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fireflies intensifies
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OwO City - Mosquito Flies
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Deep Sleep:

My only concern here is the difficulty when comparing kiai vs other parts of the song.

The Kiai is supposed to be the most intense part of the song, and the mapping should represent that, But during the Kiai in this difficulty, the map is the least dense and therefore, the least difficult. Except for parts like 02:06:734 (1,2) - my statement is completely true ( I think )

I think that you should increase the density of the map during kiai to more accurately represent the intensity of that portion.

For example ( just a suggestion ) you could map to the lyrics during Kiai because the drum noises the map is currently alligned to doesn't make for mapping intense enough to represent the song. The lyrics have lots of 1/4 and 1/2 rhythms that could intensify the kiai that the drums don't provide.

You could still map to the instruments when there arent lyrics of course, for example 01:37:401 (1) - Directly after this object there are some 1/4 drum sounds that you could represent with a slider or maybe even 2 circles, a concept that could be unique to the kiai maybe

This is just my opinion PM me for clarification or anything,

nice map!
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Kiais don't need to be the most dense *table flip*

<idk when I'll respond to this properly>
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to elaborate a bit, I mean the kiai should be the most memorable part of the map, whether you do this with density, jumps, slider art/velocity, or something it should stand out and be remembered, Similar to how a chorus is the most memorable part of a song
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I've done the kiais with just that in mind!
Each individual slider and note has MUCH more punch and meaning, whilst the rest of the map everything is more stringed together as a bunch of sounds.
(also there's lots of cute slider art and stuff in top diff)

I've purposely reduced the density in every difficulty so I could make each hit mean more, with large gaps but more time between each one. I think it follows along nicely with how the song also does the same in the choruses.
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