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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 8 марта 2017 г. at 10:23:05

Artist: Chata
Title: enn
Source: 東方神霊廟 ~ Ten Desires.
Tags: Touhou yf_bmp doujin comiket 81 c81 abyss Seikatu サリー Sally NSY shuriken サドマゾヒズム Sadomasochism 小さな欲望の星空 東方神霊廟 ZUN Chiisana Yokubou no Hoshizora 上海アリス幻樂団 Team Shanghai Alice
BPM: 246
Filesize: 28762kb
Play Time: 05:01
Difficulties Available:

Download: Chata - enn
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Image dirty 6 star meme mapper
timing (partly) and mp3 stolen from Smoothie's mapset


yf_bmp.........................................................outstanding storyboard
Irreversible.....................................................overall help
Seikatu..........................................................awesome collab parts
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00:46:575 (3,4,1) - a sudden smallller spacing in such high bpm songs is really hard to manage, place them a bit farther can be fine
01:47:551 (1) - curve in another way for flow?
01:47:795 (2) - nc here instead?
02:09:258 (2) - ^
04:18:411 (1,2,1,2,1,2) - i think it's better to nc the way you did here 04:37:924 (1,2,3,4,5,1) -
03:19:136 (4,1,2) - i suppose it's hard to obtain combo here, maybe change to an acute angle flow or whatever

sry for such a short mod, this map is really cool, best luck on this!
And btw i think it's better to get some testplayers and listen to their opinions on playability of some parts.
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fixed the very first and the last one
As for nc, as you could notice i used special CC for every part of the song, so i do believe that it's okay to not stick to the downbeats sometimes, so new combos intended to be putted in this way in case of patterns
Thank you for modding and star i'll get to your map asap!
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00:07:795 - I think it would be awesome to lower volume a bit because the piano is more quiet here. There are more spots where you could apply this, you can try playing around with it to get some awesome effects. Not necessary tho.
00:39:990 (3,1,2,1,2) - In my opinion this NCing and the rhythm is quite weird. You can put objects everywhere, because it's in the song, but then the NCing doesn't make a lot of sense, do they? 00:40:356 - Somehow i still think this should be a long slider... I think it would fit the rhythm better but maybe you don't want that. (but it would be consistent with 00:43:892 (3,1) - )
00:46:209 (4) - It looks a bit too close. Try like 376 304
01:19:258 (6) - Put a NC here and delete it here 01:19:502 (1) - : reason is 01:03:648 (1,2) - .. I actually wanted to suggest swapping NC there but it made sense with the voice, but now it is inconsistent.
01:46:819 (2) - NC
01:46:575 (1) - remove NC (i'm really not sure abotu your NC it's always different)
02:09:014 (1,2,1,2,1,2,1) - Now I'm a bit sad to say this because the pattern looks awesome but you need to restructure it because musically it makes no sense and feels really off. 02:09:258 (2) - This should be the start of the pattern, not 02:09:014 - .. and the hitsounding is really nice, but doesn't resemble the pattern good because the pattern is 1/2 mostly starting on white ticks, but it should sometimes start on red ticks, the way you emphasize it. There are a bit many thoughts behind this point so maybe you can write me ingame, but first try to restructure it yourself.
04:22:924 (1) - Can i suggest moving it a bit further away? The player will have so much speed, he will probably just be way too fast to enjoy it.

map is perfect, star for u
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actually done everything except the very first one, because personally i like it how it sounds as it is thank you really much.

As for ncs, btw, i tried to stick ncs to the vocal changes, hovewer, there is many spots where i putted ncs to make patterns look beeter so it might look random sometimes. Thought, i believe (as i already said) that it's okay, because of different colors for every part of song
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  • 00:45:843 (3) - стакни с концом 00:45:112 (4) - , будет чище выглядеть
  • 00:46:575 (3) - тут было бы логично нк, т.к. ты его используешь чуть позже в похожем месте, ну или убери нк в 00:47:063 (1) -
  • 01:09:990 (3) - мне кажется, что тут лучше будет две ноты вместо слайдера, т.к. на красном тике есть вполе сильный барабан-удар, что-то вроде такого должно быть нормально http://puu.sh/mN4EC/f5f5d6a7e6.jpg
  • 01:15:112 (4) - может его на 320 160, чтобы создать бланкет? Правда тогда и (2) надо будет сместить на 248 96, ну или в другое место
  • 01:18:038 (3) - слайдер тут смотрится хорошо, но можно опять таки заменить его на 2 круга для увеличения напряжения. Тоже с небольшим спейсингом, как я писал ранее
  • 01:24:624 (2,3) - а с ctrl+g флоу тут смотрится гораздо лучше
  • 01:25:721 (3,1) - какой-то странный спесинг, на (1) нормал с клапом, а на (3) ничего, но при этом расстояние от (2) до (3) больше, чем (3) до (1)
  • 01:51:453 (4,4) - стакни для большей аккуратности (хотя я не знаю, возможно ты это намеренно делаешь)
  • 02:08:160 (5) - на 316 184 выглядит приятнее и с намеком на бланкет
  • 02:12:673 (3,4,5,1,2,3) - насколько я помню ты далее 1/3 стримы нк спамом выделял, но тут этого нет
  • 02:16:209 (2,1) - очень странное расстояние перед нк, сделай больше, ну или убери его. Тут я не вижу в нем смысла
  • 02:27:795 (2,3) - лучше будет заменить на слайдер, т.к. он идеально бы выделил вокал здесь
  • 02:28:282 (2) - а тут тогда наоборот, две ноты
  • 02:35:965 (2) - я вообще здесь ничего не слышу, могу предположить что это овермап, ну или как минимум этот бит недостоин ноты, максимум окончания слайдера. Было бы неплохо его удалить и стакнуть 02:36:087 (1) - с 02:35:843 (1) - . Получился бы достаточно веселый антиджамп
  • 02:36:819 - опять же, тут есть звук, но ты его пропускаешь
  • 02:42:429 (2) - что?
  • 03:02:429 (3) - на 366 189 смотрится приятнее
  • 04:18:777 (2,1) -странный спейсинг между нк, думаю что должно быть больше, примерно такой же, как ранее
  • 04:20:485 (3,4,5,6) - не вижу смыла в этих 4 нотах вообще, звучит все как и прежде. Будет лучше 2 слайдера ну или слайдер+две ноты
  • 04:33:655 (1,2) - ctrl+g мне больше нравится, т.к. идет большее выделение последующего нк, ну и флоу приятнее
  • 04:37:802 - не думаю, что хорошая идея пропускать этот бит, т.к. тут есть сильный вокал+где-то там драм удар
  • 04:41:582 (2,1) - также как и ранее, не понимаю такого маленького спесинга
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M4M from your queue.

Honestly, the AR should definitely be higher because it's so damn hard to read it with AR9.3. I even had problems when playing this map with relax. ;_;
00:45:112 (4,3) - Stack them?
00:47:307 (1) - I'm not sure if it's intended that this whole pattern is damn hard to move because of the DS changes. I think this pattern would be a bit easier and better flow-wise like this. Also a good final for a jump pattern imo due the high spacing.
01:17:551 (3,1,2,3) - Just a minor thing, maybe make a better custom stack by placing it slightly higher? Or just stack it, but I guess you didn't stack it on purpose so...
01:54:624 (1) - Place it a bit higher to make a normal triangle out of 01:54:624 (1,2,3) . This way you break the flow a bit stronger which also feels better.
02:57:429 (6,7,8) - This low DS makes this part so unpredictable and is also very weird movement wise.
03:16:575 (1,3) - Bad blanket intended? Never noticed any bad overlaps yet so idk.
03:18:892 (2,3,4,1,2) - Maybe place it like this? (but a bit better, make (3) + (4) and (1)+ (2) parallel). You could even use a 1/8 kickslider 03:19:258 here to cover the very short syllable (or word idk lol).
03:50:112 - 03:50:356 - 03:50:477 - These are 1/4 drum beats in the middle of this 1/3 stream. Maybe you should map it a bit different and cover them.
04:18:046 (1,2,1,2,1,2,1) - Making an NC spam makes this 1/1 gap here completely unreadable. I know that you want to emphasize it this way, but playability is definitely cooler.
04:37:314 (1,2,1,2,1,2) - Same as above.
04:51:582 - Feels so empty. o_o

I hope you are satisfied with this mod. D:
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m4m from your queue yas

nazi mod inc

lead in 1000ms
ik its not really important but maybe make first part 123 bpm or even 61.5 bpm cuz its slow as hell

00:02:429 - i can hear a sound here even louder than 00:03:404 (3,4,5,6) , why not map it lol
00:32:551 - should be clickable imo, theres sound there
01:30:234 (1) - this is strong, should be splitted to circles
01:40:478 (2,3) - the spacing could be bigger here
02:12:673 (3,4,5) - ^
02:50:721 (2,3) - ^
03:09:502 (4) - ctrl+g ?
03:30:965 (3,1) - undermapped imo
03:46:819 (1,2) - flow better if the slider is pointing to the circle
04:18:046 (1,2) - undermapped
04:45:851 (1,1,1,1,1,1) - ^
04:51:704 to 04:52:070 - missing notes
05:01:826 (3,4) - maybe make this a small jump bcuz its the end of the map

i like this
its fun
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chata :p


    you should rename the artist/romanised artist name to "茶太" and "Chata" i guess, because "サリー" is the circle name that provides album includes this song but not the artist.
    歌:茶太(song by chata)


can't say much, so good
good luck!
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thanks people going to answer mods tomorrow
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+30 ко второй точке
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or not tomorrow
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01:05:599 (1,2) - swap nc here ?
01:09:258 (4) - add nc better
02:12:673 (3) - add nc. because it could confuse players, it would be better to fix it please 01:40:721 (3,4,5) -
02:35:599 (4) - add nc. pattern 01:25:356 (1) -
02:42:429 (2) - ranklable ? lol
02:57:551 (7,8,1) - This spacing is really awkward. so changed another pattern if you can.
03:10:112 (2,3,4,1) - same as above.
03:19:014 (3,4,1,2) - This spacing is really awkward imo. so I think 03:19:258 (1,2) - ctrl+g more better flow.
04:05:119 (4) - try ctrl+g ?

elvis god xd
This is a BSS beatmap submission. Click here to view full beatmap information.
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