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Actually I am 11 years old...I started playing when I was 9 :) I did not have gmail on that time and I was not allowed to use my mom. And finally When I was 10 mom told me that I can make a Gmail account :D I make an account and Start Playing. When I did not have gmail I used to play as a guest :oops: WELL Osu! IS A GREAT GAME FOR ALL (When you first play it is hard You just fail. For me it took 1 month to play and practice with keyboard) I play with mouse and keyboard.
Bored Someone SAVE ME ;_;
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Welcome! Add me as a friend uwu
Whether good or bad, it doesn’t matter:

Everything has an end.

The question now is: what do you really want to be?

Better to choose the good over the bad.

Likewise, my stupidity is numbered.

Truth be told, stupidity and common sense are leveled.
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hi there
dang you're 11 and almost better than me at standard >.>
i know i need to play more standard now shut up
add my trashy ass on discord: keremal#1986
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Welcome. Hope you like it here.
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