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I've been playing for about two months and I wasn't really a part of the community but now I really want to be so I thought I'd make this.
First, how did I find osu! in the first place? 2 things happened. I went off to college last year, (for those wondering, it's Penn State University), and I noticed a friend was playing a game very similar to a game I played on DS known as "Elite Beat Agents". Of course, it was osu!. He told me about the game and I was excited to play it and I downloaded it but never really touched it. A few days later I was watching UKOGmokey play Guitar Hero 3 (another game I played for years) and he was playing a custom made map for the song, what else, Brain Power. I really like the song and eventually found the video of Cookiezi playing it. I instantly starting playing osu! and haven't stopped since.
I feel like I'm getting better at the game now with FC's on some 4*+ maps on the only mods I enjoy playing is HR with maybe some HD. I play mouse only for right now but plan on getting a tablet when Christmas break comes around. Hope to start mapping but thats a plan in the very far future. Hope to meet some more people and continue getting better!
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holy shit you fc 4* maps in 2 months, gg
hi im keremal, i suck at osu (all game-mode player), welcome to the forums
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Wtf............... what a god owo

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