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Beatmap Nominators: Rules and Information

(in effect with this wording as of 2017/04/06)


Welcome to the Beatmap Nomination Group, you are here because you appreciate beatmaps and you have proven to be proficient at modding them. As part of the BNG you now possess the tools to also nominate beatmaps and shape the world of osu! and its content as you please!

1. BNG Rules

Remember that these are exactly that: rules. Violating any of these may get you expelled permanently from the Beatmap Nomination Group.
  • Do not nominate your own map, a collab map you participated in or a map you made a storyboard for. The entire modding process is focused around others ensuring that your map is ready for ranking, so doing this counteracts common sense.
  • Do not nominate a map directly without any communication with the mapper. The mapper might have done self-changes after the last icon, so nominating a mapset without communicating with the mapper can lead to pointless disqualifications.
  • Do not qualify a beatmap if anything significant on the beatmap got changed since it was bubbled. If you want to qualify directly, make sure that the changes made were minor and that you rechecked your changes with the original bubbler. When in doubt, rebubble such beatmaps.
  • Do not qualify osu! beatmaps of any kind unless you are a nominator in the osu! advanced tier. This includes osu! + another mode hybrid sets. When nominating hybrid sets including modes you are not too familiar with as an advanced tier nominator, collaborate with a nominator from the respective gamemode(s).
  • Do not nominate beatmaps of game modes you are not formally qualified for. You must be qualified to nominate at least one of the game modes included in the mapset by passing the corresponding beatmap nominator test in order to be allowed to nominate it.
  • Do not nominate maps with unrankable issues. The General Ranking Criteria and additionally all mode-specific Ranking Criteria apply to all sets with mode-specific difficulties.
  • Do not follow any unfinalized rules or amendments. Only act upon the set of rules that is currently in effect, the rules of tomorrow are uncertain so they should not be followed.
  • Make sure no mod posts in the map thread have been ignored before qualifying or bubbling a map. Posts without a sufficient reply may count as ignored. When in doubt, double check if the Code of Conduct for Mapping and Modding has been violated on the mapthread and act accordingly.
  • Ensure that kudosu is awarded to all posts that deserve it. Additionally consult the mapper before giving out kudosu to make sure there are not any reasons why the post does not need kudosu (e.g. the modder has received one already for a different post which you overlooked). If the modpost is too old to receive kudosu, consult the modder to make an additional post linking the original he receives kudosu for.
  • When nominating a Marathon mapset, always qualify the map first and then post the flame on the mapthread. Pressing “Qualify” will automatically put a heart icon on the beatmap thread, and since the last icon is displayed posting the flame first will be overwritten by the heart. You are required to post a heart or flame in any case for logging reasons, though.
  • Do not qualify mapsets that use the same song or a different version of the same song as an already Qualified mapset, unless no game modes of both sets overlap. For example an osu!taiko and osu! mapset of the same song can exist in Qualified, while a taiko and osu!/taiko hybrid set cannot. This ensures variety among Ranked beatmaps within their respective game modes.
  • Do not nominate a beatmap if you are unsure of something. In such cases, ask fellow nominators for assistance before making any rushed decisions. This includes unfamiliar game modes, suspiciously gray area/unrankable issues, quality issues or complex timing.
  • Do not nominate a beatmap if you cannot reasonably judge it. Being able to reasonably play a beatmap is a core part of being able to judge a beatmap’s quality. If you are multiple tiers below the playing level of the map we may call your ability to judge it into question.
  • Do not nominate a beatmap without properly checking all difficulties of the beatmap all by yourself. If you are unfamiliar with the game mode some of the difficulties are mapped in, ask fellow Nominators for help. Improper checking includes just running a modding tool before nominating or not even downloading the beatmap. While difficult to prove, such behavior will be handled as inappropriate conduct.
  • If a bubbled map contains unrankable issues, its bubble must be popped. To ensure a map has no other unrankable issues, it’s best for another nominator to examine the map once again.
  • You can veto a beatmap set by placing a bubble pop on the set that you disagree with being fit for being Ranked. Bubble popping over any kind of quality issues that you think need to be addressed before the map can move anywhere is one of your main responsibilities. A proper discussion with attempting to reach a mutual agreement by both sides of the argument has to follow.
  • You must not rebubble a map when your bubble was popped without the popper agreeing to that action. In these cases another nominator may rebubble the map if they disagree with the bubble pop.
  • You are free to pop a rebubble of another nominator if you are not the original bubble popper and disagree with the reasoning for ignoring the pop. Thus the original popper is unable to overvote two other nominators.
  • If the community member(s) requesting disqualification cannot reach an agreement with the mapper and you placed the last bubble or heart on a map, you cannot rebubble or requalify it. For osu!taiko, osu!catch, osu!mania, and hybrid sets, you may break these conditions once per map due to the low number of nominators.
  • There must be at least 24 hours between placing a bubble and qualifying a mapset. This is to give other members of the community and Beatmap Nominators a bit of time to think about whether they want to veto the placed bubble.
  • Do not qualify over any manually popped bubble. A manually popped bubble resets the bubble counter to zero, so doing this is equivalent to directly qualifying a beatmap without any prior icons.
  • Do not violate the terms of services or the osu! rules and the Code of Conduct for Modding and Mapping. Misbehaving in public can and will get you expelled from the Beatmap Nomination Group.
  • Do not nuke beatmaps in any case. While you are able to set this icon, nuking a beatmap indicates that it is “so wrong” that it will never reach a rankable state and should hence not be used by Nominators. If you accidentally set the icon, contact a QAT immediately or overwrite the icon in case you wanted to post a bubble or heart.

2. Modding and Assistance

Being a nominator will result in a lot of mappers being interested in your opinion on beatmaps and frequently receiving mod requests. You are not forced to mod certain maps - you are free to mod whatever and whenever you want to. However, it is a good idea to check high priority maps as well as the bubbled beatmap list frequently to find things which might be worth pushing forward. Keep in mind that you should not be modding only for the sake to get the beatmap in a rankable state, but for it to achieve the highest possible quality before reaching qualified and eventually ranked status. Essentially, this means that:

You do not have to bubble everything you mod. You do not have to nominate every map that has been disqualified. You do not have to nominate anything you do not like. You are free to mod and not leave any icon at all.

Being a Nominator is not just all about modding. Other modders and mappers will often approach you for help, advice, or your opinion. Try to help and/or redirect them to #modhelp. Create a friendly environment so that other community members will follow your example.
Keeping in touch with fellow nominators and communicating can be done using the #nominators channel. In this channel, you are free to talk about whatever you want - of course while following the general rules of the chat as it is moderated like any other channel. This channel can be used to ask any questions that you might have about being a BN, discuss maps, bubbles, or anything related to being a beatmap nominator. Do not forget that #nominators is multilingual. You are not forced to talk English there at all.

3. How and When to Set Icons

When making a mod post in a beatmap's thread, you will notice the icon bar above the space where you are typing. This holds all the icons you will ever use in your time as a nominator. To set the icon simply click on it and post! Note: You will not be able to set any icons until the map has 12 or more star priority.



3.1 Star Image
Setting the star icon means you show interest in the map, and it has potential to be bubbled by you. However setting this icon essentially only means that you have interest and nothing more and does not oblige you to eventually bubble the beatmap.

3.2 Bubble Image
Setting a bubble icon on a map's thread means you think the map is ready to reach the Qualified and Ranked status AS-IS - it is a nomination equal to the heart/flame icons.
Only set bubbles when you think the map is ready and the best it can be. Do not give into pressure from the mapper when they do not want to change something. If this ever happens, put your foot down. If it is an unrankable issue it needs to be changed, subjective issues you know are right and will fix problems should be highly recommended to the mapper. If you are unable to reach a conclusion simply do not bubble the map and move on.
Before bubbling a map, check out the section below that constitutes what exactly some things that you should be looking over on the map before setting a bubble on it are.

3.3 Popped Bubble Image
Setting the popped bubble icon on a map’s thread indicates that you veto this map from proceeding any further towards the Qualified or Ranked status. As such this icon requires reasoning as to why it has been set and what issues make you veto the beatmap from proceeding normally.
After this icon has been set two scenarios can follow: The mapper either agrees to your reasoning and both parties reach an agreement so the original nominator may rebubble or an agreement is not reached and the original nominator may not rebubble the map. In any case a proper discussion with mutual agreement or disagreement has to follow and in the scenario where the bubble popper and the mapper keep disagreeing another nominator has to be involved in order to overvote the popper if they also disagree with the pop.

3.4 Nuke Image
As explained in the above Rule section, this icon indicates that the map will never reach a rankable status and should thus not be used by nominators, ever.

3.5 osu!/osu!taiko/osu!catch/osu!mania Icons Image/Image/Image/Image
They used to have an actual meaning, but they do not anymore. Using them expresses nothing and does nothing. So do not use them.

3.6 Heart/Flame Image/Image
Once everything checks out and you are confident in qualifying a beatmap, proceed as follows:
  • Head to the Beatmap Listing and click the "Manage" button next to the submission date.
  • Click "Qualify". (Approval maps do get qualified as well)
  • Wait a few seconds and you should receive a message on your screen that you successfully qualified the map.
  • Now, post a message with the Heart/Flame icon in the beatmap's thread to track that you nominated it.
Qualifications are limited to one per BN per day.
Note that the order of these steps does not really affect the icon that ends up on the map thread for any map that will go for normal ranking and thus receive a heart. The order is important for beatmap threads that need to have a flame icon instead of a heart because the last icon posted will be the icon of the thread. Clicking qualify will automatically put a heart on the thread so you will have to post the flame after pressing the qualify button in these cases.
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  • Do not qualify osu! beatmaps of any kind unless you are a nominator in the osu! advanced tier. This includes osu! + another mode hybrid sets. When nominating hybrid sets including modes you are not too familiar with as an advanced tier nominator, collaborate with a nominator from the respective gamemode(s).

    Addition date: 06th April 2017, 6 months of transition time (previously bubbled maps are exempt), affects all sets on 6th October 2017

  • Do not nominate beatmaps of game modes you are not formally qualified for. You must be qualified to nominate at least one of the game modes included in the mapset by passing the corresponding beatmap nominator test in order to be allowed to nominate it.

    Addition date: 06th April 2017, in effect immediately
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