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Kostyan1996 wrote:
In case someone is interested:
I chose not to play with HD and concentrate purely on 4* maps and improving my accuracy.
About a month passed, here are results:

I went from 88-92% on AR lower than 9 to 98% on average
From 93-95ish% on AR9 OD7 to 99.5-100%
From 90-93% on AR9 OD7+ to 98-99%

From 89-91% AR9 OD8 (which is usual for maps that I tried to farm) to 96-98%

Also I started playing much longer maps, which, of cource, positively affected my acc so I FC much more now.

Overall I am on 4.5*-5.5* maps right now and I enjoy game much more now, also ranking up by little day by day. :D

that's some awesome progress. :0 :D
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