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New features are requested daily in this forum. However, peppy hardly has enough time to work on osu! let alone read through all (or even some) of these requests. This is why others and I try to keep this board tidy of unnecessary/out-of-the-question/duplicate requests. Before making a new thread, you should read the request guidelines and try searching. Most of the time, your idea already exists and will just be denied as a duplicate (after giving myself and others a headache).

As for bumping: There is really no need to unless your thread has had no responses for months. Keeping your thread on page 1 will not guarantee that peppy will read it, so please acknowledge this ahead of time. However, if your thread somehow slipped onto another page with zero replies, then that's certainly a good enough reason to go ahead and bump it. Well-known members of the community try to keep up with the feature requests and will post stating whether it's a good idea or not. Getting all of your friends/country players/etc. to post in your thread to support it will not make it any more likely to be added. If it's a bad request, then it's a bad request. If it's low priority, then it's low priority.

Don't worry about necroing old threads. If you have something constructive to add to the request, then go ahead and do so. This would be a justifiable reason to necro. I'd rather see the old threads revived (think of a map getting ressurected from the graveyard) than having to deny dozens of duplicate threads over and over (USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION). Also, if you're just going to post to say "support~"; DON'T. It's useless and is NOT a justifiable reason to necro.

PS: In the future, there will be a system to sponsor requests, so that's something to keep in mind as well.
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