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I've been thinking about this, and decided to give this a shot even though this request might be denied. Laugh all you want. D:

So I just achieved a nice SS rank on this beatmap and I was quite happy about it until... I watched my own replay data and found out that it's bugged (it shows that I missed a slider end and getting 100 instead). The map has 0 Spinner, so since I already SS'd it I have no choice but to add either a DoubleTime or HardRock mod on along with Hidden+Flashlight (both of which are almost beyond my current ability, with HardRock being the easiest solution to fix my replay data yet still hard to do) in order to replace my score that has bugged replay data, with a score that (hopefully) has non-bugged replay data.

So my request is:
  1. Can you remove my score so that I can re-achieve it and hopefully I can replace the bugged replay data with non-bugged one?
  2. Or maybe... uploading non-bugged one to any admin so that he/she/they can help me replace my bugged Replay Data manually on the server?

If those can't be done, I guess I'll just shrug off and move on anyway (and hopefully I could get myself better and try to beat my score on this map again... :( )
Removing your score probably wouldn't be a problem at all, but idk if they will actually go about doing it. I find myself annoyed too though at messed up replays. Maybe one day peppy or someone else may figure out a more100% guaranteed way of perfect replays :/ or maybe not.
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I guess I found out the answer by myself from this thread, eh?
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Hopeless bump because I got the same thing again on this map. I can't fix this because the map has 0 spinners and I already SS'd it with fullmod. <.<;;;
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