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Option to always have dim at max available. [invalid]

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So like, you can only set the dim up to 50% until you beat the map once. I'm perfectly fine with that part since it goes with the whole "must experience map as intended at least once" thing these toggles have going.

However, I and others would appreciate it if there was an option to make it so that the dim is set at the max available at the time you're playing the map (so 50% before you beat it once, 90% after you beat it once). Setting it to 50% on your first run through and then having to set it again to 90% after you beat it for every single map is annoying.

I think this would help people come to grips with this feature and the upcoming "Deleting BGs is not allowed" thing easier. 90% is extremely dark when it's not bugged up, so that part shouldn't be too hard to adjust to. But, having to adjust the bar for every map will easily get on some users nerves quickly.

EDIT: 'Course it still takes less time than going into the map to delete the BG (which I have never done), so it's still not *that* bad, but eh.
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