Custom hitcircle on a beatmap, force slider border?

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So we have certain skinsets that have to stay together if you want to put a custom skin in your map. However, if you use a custom hitcircle (and by default you have to use hitcircleoverlay, and approach circle) you'll probably ignore the slider border completely, as most people use white hitcircle overlays, and white is default.

However for those of us who use custom "dark" skins, or anything with a different color border for some god-forsaken reason, it makes the map 's sliders quite ugly and gives good reason to delete the custom skin.

I propose that if your beatmap has a custom hitcircle/hitcircle overlay/approach circle, you must also force a certain slider border color to match whatever the hitcircle overlay is.


When using the haruhi skin, which has a black outline, the slider border gets transferred over. This is obviously not what I intended when I made the map. In the future I will include "sliderborder:" in all of my maps with a custom hitcircle (if I ever make one like that again).

I would like this to become a ranking guideline, but that may be overly zealous. It's not something that comes up often, since I don't think many people use dark skins. Discuss?

The only real negative impact I see is that it will hurt skin deleters (who cares about what they think anyway?) and perhaps cause grief among modders since they have one more thing to mod.
You know, I've actually been thinking about this for a few months (since i've been using a "dark" skin with black overlay/sliderborder), so I'm glad I'm not the only person with the concern.

It would be too hard to enforce a matching sliderborder as a "rule", but I could definitely add it as a new skinning/mapping guideline for the future.
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All it takes is a little bit of awareness. Just look at how "delete osb" took off (and is still around), even though we don't want those sorts of mods. If all the BATs agree, then no map is going to get ranked without it, and pretty soon we'll have a standard procedure. That's of course only the case if people agree with it.

By the way, where are the custom skin guidelines?
"delete .osb and full submit", I got that one line sentences 3 mods in a row ~.~ I do know how those slider become black now..

ziin wrote:

By the way, where are the custom skin guidelines?
They're being written and discussed in the Mod Lounge.
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