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SYNC.ART'S - Sword of Valiant

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[size=85:30e03]This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on November-09-10 at 12:36:19 AM[/size:30e03]

[b:30e03]Artist:[/b:30e03] SYNC.ART'S
[b:30e03]Title:[/b:30e03] Sword of Valiant
[b:30e03]Source:[/b:30e03] Touhou
[b:30e03]Tags:[/b:30e03] 0989596108 Leorda Meiko Nakamura Tenshi Hinanai Hinanawi TH10.5 Scarlet Weather Rhapsody Catastrophe in Bhava-agra Wonderful Heaven Rainbow Face
[b:30e03]BPM:[/b:30e03] 170
[b:30e03]Filesize:[/b:30e03] 12586kb
[b:30e03]Play Time:[/b:30e03] 04:07
[b:30e03]Difficulties Available:[/b:30e03]
[list:30e03][*:30e03][url='S%20-%20Sword%20of%20Valiant%20(Glass)%20%5b596108's%20Taiko%5d.osu:30e03]596108's Taiko[/url:30e03] (5 stars, 1125 notes)[/*:m:30e03]
[*:30e03][url='S%20-%20Sword%20of%20Valiant%20(Glass)%20%5bHard%5d.osu:30e03]Hard[/url:30e03] (4.97 stars, 353 notes)[/*:m:30e03]
[*:30e03][url='S%20-%20Sword%20of%20Valiant%20(Glass)%20%5bHeavenly%5d.osu:30e03]Heavenly[/url:30e03] (4.99 stars, 622 notes)[/*:m:30e03]
[*:30e03][url='S%20-%20Sword%20of%20Valiant%20(Glass)%20%5bLeo's%20Easy%5d.osu:30e03]Leo's Easy[/url:30e03] (0.48 stars, 78 notes)[/*:m:30e03]
[*:30e03][url='S%20-%20Sword%20of%20Valiant%20(Glass)%20%5bNormal%5d.osu:30e03]Normal[/url:30e03] (3.47 stars, 197 notes)[/*:m:30e03][/list:u:30e03]

[size=150:30e03][b:30e03]Download: [url=]SYNC.ART'S - Sword of Valiant[/url:30e03][/b:30e03][/size:30e03]
[b:30e03]Information:[/b:30e03] [url=]Scores/Beatmap Listing[/url:30e03]

July 26th : added Leorda's Easy.
July 22th : added 0989596108's Taiko diff.
great job on heavenly o.o
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Thanks ;)

Normal is finished.
about 01:27:874 (1,2,3,4) on [Heavenly]: I don't know if this was intentional, but shouldn't these notes be equally spaced?
This kind of confused me when I played.
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Ahh yeah, fixed that. Thank you for pointing it out (:
Star :3
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awwwwyeee a PINK bubble from myst this is so awesome saaaaaank you
star :)

01:23:639 (1,2) - This spacing intentional?
01:43:757 (1) - Kind of a short spinner, though the slider right afterward is really soon afterward regardless.

03:28:227 (1,1,1) - Lose quite a bit of health here. Maybe do new combos?

Good stuff!
  1. The score diffrence between Heavenly and Normal is too big. Map Normal longer and make an Easy diff. extra I'd say.
    The 15 mil or 1 mil score diffrence is not ok. That's a diffrence of 14 million points between difficulties.

  1. I would love to see slider tick rate 2 in this diff. with a softslidertick.wav

03:26:109 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) - Move this stream 4 grids to the right to center it. (Grid Level 3 / Most Precise)
03:49:403 (6) - Put New Combo here.
04:04:932 (2,3,4) - Move these 1 gird to the right to center it.

  1. Slider tick rate 1 with softslidertick.wav (?)
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All fixed, thanks for checking guys (:

@Gladi: I agree the score difference is too much, maybe I should map a Hard too so the score gets spread out a bit
woo Sword of Valiant <3

A little boring combo colors, you should add a nice green aswell imo x)

anyways, map seems fine, but it would be good if you could cut/compress the mp3 so the size is below <10MB

Map seems fine, i'd just like to mention in [Heavenly] that at specific places your combo becomes a little inconsistent

00:30:345 (7) - New combo? (considering you start new combo at this place 00:41:639 (1) - to make it consistent)
00:35:992 (7) - New combo? ( ^ )

These 2 are just examples, there are a few others in the map i think you'll notice. But yeah it's just a suggestion, if you don't know which other combos i mean then you can drop me a pm ingame, but if you don't want to fix it then don't mind me

have a star
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Added more new combos and green combo color

Thanks for checking~

I'll sub later when I finish Hard :v
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Hard is done
ewww jap song
Heh. Like the Hard. And the streams in Heavenly are just like that. Take a star.
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Thanks for checking~
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