Nintendo - Super Mario Bros Medley (Storyboarded!)

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Sunday, March 29, 2009 at 1:41:46 AM

Artist: Nintendo
Title: Super Mario Bros Medley
BPM: 100.2
Filesize: 2635kb
Play Time: 02:26
Difficulties Available:
  1. Super Easy (1.07 stars, 150 notes)
  2. Super Hard (4.69 stars, 409 notes)
  3. Super Normal (3.98 stars, 286 notes)

Download: Nintendo - Super Mario Bros Medley
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Post-rank update: Finally fixed endless loop that messed up the ending

Updated again: Full song done, although the timing for the later bits is a bit iffy. Let me know what you think. Also, storyboard! It's not going to get any more complex than it is now; just a passive backdrop. It looks best at 640x480, because the scaling looks wrong at higher resolutions.

Moving to completed, because I don't think I'll do alternate difficulties for this one, unless there is demand. Also, I'd appreciate any tips on timing the last couple of sections.

Fixed timing based on AWP's suggestions. Thanks!

Added "fail" ending. Do poorly and be rewarded with hilarity, just like in Ouendan!

Tweaked Hard based on comments. Also, added custom colors. And renamed difficulties.

One more tweak: Background graphics should be free of unsightly white lines. The Mario sprite is stuck that way, unfortunately. Still, it looks better than it did before :)

Last update: Fixed fireworks. Thanks AWP.

Tweaked easy a bit more.

Edit: Added Kiai time
I got first offset of 2935 and BPM of 100.2.

Then I realized the Mario underworld theme has really fucked up timing and I'm tired.
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The storyboard for this will be simple but sweet. Don't expect too much, but it will make a nice background.

Haha, this is really clever. I love it.

hahaha i love it. The star power timing does seem a little off to me though.(Might just be me though)

Totally waiting to be ranked
*jaw drops*

This is so perfect. Great job, LuigiHann!!! :)
01:30:95 (4) - this should end a quarter beat later imo
01:43:53 (4) - here too
01:47:12 (1) - LOVE the 1-hit combos here. That is awesome.
02:12:39 (1) - The two sliders here (and again shortly after) feel a bit dodgy. I'm not in a particularly good state to advise anything atm though =x
Same as awp's

And I realized you haven't updated yet. Silly me.

I like the second bgm it reminds me of the same (but more baddass) bgm of Mario 3.
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
I just got this to see the storyboarding. But I noticed the final notes at 2:24 way wtfoff.
Regardless of small problems, I think we can agree you get a star.
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Thanks for the star. Any suggestions for improving the timing of the fireworks?

Also, anything else I should tweak to get this up to ranking standard?
Hmm I don't know about the fireworks at the end. The timing I mentioned to you, but it feels like there should be more kick to it. On the other hand, adding a strobe is very non-mario-esque.

The beatmap itself feels very rankable (well once you take a look at the stuff I mentioned in irc) but it almost feels like there's something missing. Maybe my expectations are skewed because you tend to go a step beyond your regular beatmapper and do more than simply map the song. It's still a bubble as far as I'm concerned but the fireworks feel anti-climactic? I know I suggested storyboarding them in earlier and the hitfinisher argument was brought up...I dunno.

bubble btw
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The fireworks aren't the climax, they're the denouement. :P

I'm happy with ths storyboard as it is. Btw, if anybody is wondering why the map now lingers on the bg image for a second before the song starts, but don't feel like redownloading the whole OSZ, get the new Background image here: ... s.e_00.png
00:04:13 and 00:08:92 - Try to place this by 1/2 beat earlier? It sounds better? Assuming every newbie that downloads this map KNOWS what Mario's bgm is. It shouldn't be a problem placing it on a 1/2 timeline.
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James wrote:

00:04:13 and 00:08:92 - Try to place this by 1/2 beat earlier? It sounds better? Assuming every newbie that downloads this map KNOWS what Mario's bgm is. It shouldn't be a problem placing it on a 1/2 timeline.
Tried it, and it sounded a bit lopsided, so I added the middle note back in. Sounds better, and I think they can handle it.
/me ranks.

LuigiHann wrote:

fucking awesome
He he really funny beatmap :lol: Love it.
This is, Amazing is all i have to say. :P
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