Fantasy Beat PangYa! [v1.1: CtB + Sounds!]

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V1.1 upppy!

Weeeell, since someone requested it and I had some ideas, a PangYa theme! It's not ready for release juuuust yet since there's a few more things I want to finish skinning before I put up a download, but I figured I'd share the progress so far. :3 Ready for use!

Open the spoiler for screens! :DRemoved some screens and replaced them with newer screens



*note: slider has been added since this screencap*

Combo Burst + Hit Circles *note: slider has been added since this screencap*


Selection Screen


*note: Kooh's foot has been fixed : P*


Fail Screen


Slider + Reverse arrow

Things to do
--Ready, 3, 2, 1, Go Sounds
--Section Pass Sound
--Set default Combo colors

Unfortunately the sounds have to wait until the 11th because I'm at college until the evening of the 10th and my dorm gives off horrid echos or something. Recording stuff in this room is just plain not a good idea if I want it to sound good (plus my roommate would prolly be like "wtf are you doing?"). xD
I had tried to do a sort-of "negative score" thing since this is based off PangYa, a golf game, but it didn't really work too well, so I ended up just sticking to regular positive numbers.

So. Questions, comments, suggestions?

Old Versions
Version 1.0 upppy!
-Initial Release
Looks very nice thus far. Which reminds me, I really should go back to playing that game. It's been far too long.
OMG This looks great!
Keep up! Can't wait to see this finished *-*

(I will add it to compendium when you receive more feedback :3)
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Here's some screencaps from the two variants of CtB I have. Arin in place of Ryuuta is pretty final, but I really can decide from having differen golf balls (which are amusingly prolly closer to bowling ball size in comparison to Arin xD) or Hato (Arin's bird) ... I'm prolly just gonna end up leaving the golf balls as default and then put Hato in a folder for those who want to use that one.

Open the spoiler~!
Hato CtB

Golf Ball CtB

Which do you like better? I'll make whatever one more people like the default cause iunno. I like the look of the golf balls better, but I do like Hato too. :P He (?) was fun to make, the adorable plump little bird. xD

I still have to go about setting combo colors. But I really should go study for my finals some so yeah. Sounds definitely will be done on the 11th and the CtB update will come sometime. Prolly not today, and definitely not tomorrow (got an exam tomorrow), so maybe Friday. Depends since I have to start packing to go home for the summer (whee~) and study a bit for my Japanese final.
Finally! My game added to my favorite game! Hahah!
Took me forever to find a Pangya Beatmap anyway. Im still playing it. :3

Nick: (e63)Aeon(e31)(Main: LilMikan)
This is your account no..: 2nd Account(Main acc. got banned @_@ Dont even ask)
Rank: Junior B (Main: Senior A)
Quit: 0.0 (Main: 3.2)
Main Char.: Hana,Arin,Kooh,Lucia. xDD

I hope for this beatmap to be released very very soon! I'm excited! :DDDD
Golf ball looks interesting but I liked the hato better imo, since it adds more uniqueness without being obtrusive.
This is nicely done o.o

I like the hato better than the golf balls for CtB but I don't play that mode so it doesn't affect me too much

Could I request a centerpoint on the spinner? Or do you prefer not to have that

I always spin poorly on spinners without centerpoints D:
aw i loved ur scorecard xD im totally taking in the idea :3
Added to Compendium.
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Alright. Took a break so I could pass my exams and all that and settle down at home. Recorded the audio and rar'd up the file. Since more people like Hato, he's the default, but there are two rar files and a text document explaining how to change them (just in case lol). And I did add a center point to the spinner as MegaManEXE requested.

Don't really have any screencaps, since this update was mostly just sounds. xD

Gonna update the top post with the link. This finishes off all the things on my to do list... o_o Dunno what else I'll do with this, prolly update with suggestions if there are anything. As obviously when there's more images I'll skin them at some point.
Download link does not work for me, it fails to initialize. Please check to make sure it works for you, and if it doesn't, reupload.
MLGnom don't work well now D: be petience and wait until it back up again ^.^
I think I came when I saw this
armazing skin
AMAZING Skin. So Creative. XD
Just a little question:
Cant Arin hold a plate on CtB mode? It's a lil bit weird the way she catches the fru, i mean, birds. XD

I LIKE IT!! 8-)
Ca Calne
very nice :)
Riko Korie
i just can say WOW
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