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Hey, I just discovered this site trying to find existing osu-tatakae-like song editors, since I was about to start designing and writing an osu-tatakae-ouendan-like game for android myself!

I am amazed by osu! Its looking great!

I would like to know if the .osu file format is documented somewhere. I had a look at one file and it looked very simple, but could not figure out all columns at a first glance.
So I figured, maybe you guys can clarify it or point me to some documentation before starting to reverse engineer it.
(As I understand, this project is free but not open source, right?)

You'll likely want to contact peppy regarding development if you're actually serious. It's all documented, but in a place you cannot see (it is a secret to everybody). But yeah, this kind of thing is encouraged. Hell of a lot better to have people saying "I want to code for this platform" than the droves of people saying "I want someone to code for this platform".
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[deleted user]
Of course I'm serious :)
I mean, I can't promise you I will finish it or even get it to a minimal working stage (might not have time for it in the future, etc) but if im taking the time to develop a game like this, trust me, its because I actually want to see it working and play for myself =D (which is my primary motivation)

OK so, should I just PM peppy, or wait till he replies to this thread (or maybe email, IRC..?)

thanks for replying
Word of advice:

Code your system, then worry about osu! map integration. Things like sliders can be held until later; get the essentials down first. Things will work better that way.

Results-driven, not data-driven~
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Hey thanks strager
Yes, I totally agree on not focusing on things like sliders and more "complicated" stuff first.

However, it would not really hurt understanding and having a look at the primary data source. (which is going to be the .osu file).
I would even say it should be beneficial.
I mean, I won't start coding the game, I will start designing it. At least part of it. Some stuff is "already done" because we all know how the game will look like, but there are certain implementation details that will be affected by how the game has been designed, and knowing the data input format might help pick up the right decision for a later clean implementation.

Don't get me wrong, its not really a big deal, but lets just say knowing the file format would only help = )

Also, parsing a file is easy, but if I'm going to do it anyway, why not start off with the file format i want to support? :)

(I'm a fan of an iterative development process, but if I could avoid redoing anything, even if its a small part, I'm all for it :))
This is all from memory, so I'll probably miss some things. Also, this doesn't go into detail on the actual file format; it's more of how the data is structured class-wise. (Whether these structures are used at run-time, I could not tell you.) This description will probably assist you in reading the .osu format, though.

Globally, there are:
  1. Slider velocity
  2. Map information (mapper name, artist, title, tags, difficulty name, etc.)
  3. Asset information (background, background colour, storyboard, audio file)
  4. Combo colours
  5. Bookmarks and other editor information
  6. Skinning flags and options (e.g. use skin for storyboard objects, custom skin overrides, preferred skin)
  7. Timing sections
  8. Hit objects

Each timing section contains:
  1. Start time (offset)
  2. BPM or BPM modifier (for non-inherited and inherited sections, respectively)
  3. Flags (kiai, hit sound type, custom hit sound overrides, etc.)
  4. Hit sound volume
  5. Time signature (e.g. 3/4, 4/4)

Each hit object contains:
  1. Time
  2. Position (x, y) in osu! coordinates
  3. Object type (hit circle, slider, spinner)
  4. Hit sound flags (clap, whistle, finish)
  5. Misc flags (new combo)

Spinners have a duration, and sliders have slider data which contains the data points, the method for drawing the slider, a number of repeats and hit sounds for parts.
I have PM'd details.
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[deleted user]
Thanks all! This wil help a lot! :-)
I will post updates when its ready
There's already an Osu game on the iPhone created by Nuudles, you may want to contact him too since he could be of some help. :P
Awesome glad someone took the torch for this one. I started going through the dev documents and building some small apps in eclipse last month with a mind to attempt an Android port later in the summer.

Let me know if you ever decide to abandon the project :)
I probably can't help with coding in any way, but you have my utmost moral support for this.

From the iPhone OS, Android would be the next logical step, what with so many devices toting it these days, and I'd personally love to play osu! on a device like the Dell mini 5 once that comes out.
I would not mind helping with this, if you have a repository. I'm not amazing with Android Dev, but have the tools and some experience in it. PM me if I can help
So, is this still happening? Sorry to necro the topic, but it seems unresolved.
Sounds like another dead project to me.

OP's profile wrote:

Last Visit: Apr 4, 2010
taiwo akinremi
Hey if this is dead, I'd like to take over.
I've done a few smalls games in the past but nothing on Android but it use OpenGL so can't be that tough.
I'm looking at some tuts for Android OenGL right now so if its dead, I'd like to take it up...

Maybe I should message peppy and ask?

taiwo akinremi wrote:

Maybe I should message peppy and ask?
No need.

First, demonstrate that you can code a rhythm game on Android.
taiwo akinremi

soradg123 wrote:

First, demonstrate that you can code a rhythm game on Android.
OK I guess I'll work on a simple DDR clone first.
Will post updates as I write them.
I'd like to be posted on the dev of your games taiwo. Maybe even beta for you. I just picked up a Galaxy S and I'm itching for a competent rhythm game. I've played a good bit of osu and I'd love for it to get ported to the android platform. You have a lot of support!

mail me at if you come up with anything.
Kagamine Yoshi DX
I want make a port of osu! in android Nexus One and Samsung Galaxy Spica,HTC Desire and wildfire (?)
But I need 1 thing : The source of the IPhone version -__-'.
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