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(simply doubleckick it and osu! should import the skin, if you use Mozilla Firefox rightclick on the link and use the "save link as" function to download it)

Dropbox Download
puush Download

(Mirror link for those having trouble with osk)
Dropbox Download
puush Download
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Standard Gameplay


Welcome to my second skin.
This skin is designed for use with high to full background dim.

Used fonts: Brassfield, and Cordia.

I hope you have fun with this skin.

Skin done with GIMP & Adobe Photoshop (base done in GIMP, updated images on PS).

removed particles (small performance boost), nothing else really
  1. updated pause buttons
  2. redesigned menu-back and play-skip
  3. added selection-mod-keycoop
mostly an update to make things more visible
  1. added HD screenshots
  2. new cursor
  3. updated numbers (score & default)
  4. updated hitbursts
  5. updated hitcircle, hitcircleoverlay, reversearrow
  6. updated ranking panel+ graph
  7. updated ranking-letters
  8. updated mod icons
  9. updated spinner hint text
  1. removed XCF-files
  2. updated cursor (now with cursormiddle.png)
  3. followpoint has more animation frames.
I redesigned the gameplay elements to have a more consistent theme. Also I removed the extras to keep it On the mirrorfiles I will include the GIMP-projects (XCF-files of HD images).
If you want the old elements don't ask. They will maybe come back as a new skin with another UI.
  1. new cursor design with the glow as cursormiddle
  2. new hitcircleoverlay, new followpoint and making the bubble hitcircle as the default
  3. new sliderscorepoints, new followcircle and removed track override
  4. new small spinner design
  5. removed extras
  1. added playfield
  2. made pause buttons smaller
nice :)
[ Pingu ]
omg this is the best skin of yours yet. ^w^/
nice skin m9
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thx, everyone.

[ Pingu ] wrote:

omg this is the best skin of yours yet. ^w^/
2nd skin and better than the first one? Goal accomplished.
[ Pingu ]

ReddScorn wrote:

2nd skin and better than the first one? Goal accomplished.
Yeah! I mean your last one was really good, but rainbow. You cannot go wrong with Rainbow.
I like the mod icons the most but imo they'd be better off being just a circle without the bubbly stuff.
[ Yume Hime ]
Nice skin, amazing! <3

Good job!
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NekoKotori-chan wrote:

Nice skin, amazing! <3

Good job!
Get many <3 back.


Small update containing resized pause buttons and playfield on the archives with extras. They were applied a few days ago on the skin database.
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New update replacing the old gameplay elements with newly designed elements fitting the skin theme more. Old gameplay elements maybe coming up in another new skin with UI designed around them. May disappoint some people but I saw these changes as a neccessary step to start understanding consistent concepts.
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Small update with updated cursor, longer followpoint animation and removal of XCF files (GIMP projects).
nice skin name you have there
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Bubble wrote:

nice skin name you have there
Totally coincidental, didn't even know that name is used by someone.

Huge update to make things more visible, like numbers with small outlines or mod icons with outlined text. Also made the bubbly stuff, white elipses, should no longer stick out too much.

Going to put this to completed skins qeue.
Great skin. I'll probably be playing on it. c:
2 things that bugged me
i felt the skip was a bit too tall. didn't look that great. maybe lower the high a bit
and more importantly, that pause-retry looks really bad. i'd suggest trying a slightly different colour. maybe orange

also i dunno if you want to add this as well, but there's a new mod icon for mania. unsure of the file name at this time. shouldn't be hard to get though selection-mod-keycoop
much better :3
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again <3
Im The Greatest
Amazing job on the menu!
Cosmic Energy
The slider follow circle is a bit hard to follow, but other than that, I think that it's sick!
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