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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 03 May 2014 at 21:15:16

Artist: IOSYS
Title: Stalemate
Source: D-Frag
Tags: Anime , D-Frag , Stalemate , IOSYS
BPM: 143
Filesize: 7200kb
Play Time: 01:29
Difficulties Available:
  1. Easy (1.54 stars, 73 notes)
  2. Hard (4.69 stars, 140 notes)
  3. Insane (5 stars, 284 notes)
  4. Normal (3.25 stars, 103 notes)

Download: IOSYS - Stalemate
Download: IOSYS - Stalemate (no video)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
My First Beatmap ^^
Easy , Normal , Hard , Insane : Done
Need much Help especially for the Hard and Insane
Hello there!

To be honest you have a lot of work to do with this map. But don't worry I believe in you!

First off, the timing of your map is off. In the timing section i believe you should change the BPM to 143.5 and also change the offset to 552. Though I could be wrong, this sounds like the proper timing for this song.

Next, you have some settings you need to change. For an easy difficulty 1.6 as a slider velocity is way too high. I suggest you change it to .8 or .9. This is more reminiscent of an easy difficulty.

Also, I suggest you use 1/2 as a snap to beat divisor and not 1/4. This will not only help you land more notes on the correct beat, an issue in your map, but in an easy difficulty going higher than 1/2 would simply be too hard for beginning players to try to accomplish.

Start off with these things and make some changes. If you have more questions feel free to pm me or just post it in the thread!

Good luck in mapping! :)
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hmm , i'm a still a newbie on the mapping and this is my first map :o so i need so much help. well how about the circles and sliders? i
Okay I'll help you out with specific circles and sliders later because I'm helping someone else right now. If you just wait I'll pm you when I will start :D
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hey , i've changed it into the easy one , but when i want to upload it leads to different link , should i make the other link? and , how to make other difficulties? :lol:
It made a different thread? Put the link to that thread here! I'll explain making a new difficulty on that thread.
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t/201121 this is the new one
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and last it get back to this thread when i upload the normal ver and easy fixed , anyone know why is this happen? i don't want when i make the hard and insane it leads to other thread :o
Okay here we go again! It's a ton better now congrats. You said you'll deal with the BPM and offset later, but heed my warning... You will have to change stuff around again after you fix it so it's better to do it now before you make other difficulties. You've been warned. Also BPM and offset are probably the single most important thing if you seriously want this to be ranked. The BAT members will never approve a map with problems like this. But hey at the end of the day its your choice. So do what you want :roll:

Easy still needs small changes so I will remod that and also take a look at normal.


General concerns
I already mentioned the BPM and offset so you already know about that, but there are other reasons this is unrankable.
You need to go to each note and make sure it is the correct distance from the previous note. Since I had you change the slider velocity the distance objects cant go from one another is shorter. You need to make no 2 objects are too far from one another. Make sure distance snap is on and click each note. It will then show you the new range it can go.
You need to change it up a little. You have a lot of sliders that are long straight lines. Though they are correct, IMO it would be boring to play ven for beginners. So just play around with the shapes and have fun. But, i do warn you, if you do change the shapes of the sliders make sure you don't accidentally change the length too or else the map will start sounding weird again.
Your combos are extremely long and need to be shortened. I will be giving suggested spot for new combos in the specifics section
00:47:075 (6) - make sure this note ends here 00:48:325
01:10:972 (9,10,11) - in the other mod I requested this was changed. If you like it that much you can keep it, but I don't think it goes that well with the song
01:25:662 (11) - add this hit circle
01:26:084 (1) - IMO this spinner should end here 01:28:408 but you can leave it where it is if you really want to
New Combos
Note: This section is only fixing new combos so each note i put is where you should make a new combo start
00:03:895 (3) -
00:07:240 (1) -
00:10:584 (1) -
00:13:871 (4) -
00:17:251 (3) -
00:20:631 (4) -
00:27:360 (4) -
00:30:740 (4) -
00:35:760 (7) -
00:40:830 (3) -
00:45:825 (5) -
00:53:795 (5) -
00:57:545 (7) -
01:07:255 (4) -
01:09:730 (3) -
01:10:972 (4) -
01:19:723 (5) -
01:22:704 (5) -

General Concerns
This generally well done but it needs work if you want to get it ranked.
You have the same issue with combos like you did in easy. I will also put a section here for where to start your new combos.
There are sections where you have whole beats for a while and then throw in random 1/2 beats. Technically there is nothing wrong with this, but it lacks consistency. I'm talking about sections like this 00:57:149 (10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20) - To me the half beat notes should not just be thrown in there like that. You kinda need to make them appear more often throughout the entirety of this song. I don't want to make you change the entire song though but this is something you should look at.
Note: A majority of these issues are due to the BPM offset problem
00:13:824 (1) - this note should start here 00:13:871 (1) -
00:35:790 (1) - this note should start here 00:35:760 (1) -
01:19:697 (6) - this note should start here 01:19:746 (6) -
New Combos
00:02:223 (3) -
00:03:895 (3) -
00:10:584 (4) -
00:17:633 (4) -
00:20:560 (4) -
00:28:160 (7) -
00:30:669 (4) -
00:34:013 (4) -
00:39:104 (4) -
00:42:449 (4) -
00:44:164 (3) -
00:45:836 (3) -
00:48:345 (4) -
00:52:551 (4) -
00:55:059 (5) -
00:57:967 (4) -
01:01:312 (5) -
01:05:990 (3) -
01:11:006 (8) -
01:12:573 (4) -
01:19:746 (6) -
01:22:673 (5) -
01:24:763 (6) -

Anyways you are doing a much better job mapping! After you make these changes you should try to find others who will mod your map as well. Though I am happy to continue to help you I am only one person and I'm sure you want more than one person to like your map :) Multiple opinions are the only way to get ranked! And that being said I wish you the best of luck! Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.
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Okay thanks for your help i will fix it soon when i'm home , sometimes i see other players , supporters , and BATS come but no one leave a post :cry: and can you help me with the insane one?
yeah I can put together an insane for you just give me a couple days and kudosu for the mod I already did :roll:
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Hahaha it's okay after the norm and easy fixed i'll try to make the hard one and yeah still waiting for someone to make the right offsets and bpm ._.
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changed , the easy one maybe 01:10:972 (9,10,11) i won't change it because i don't know with what i replace it

i've make the sliders with more curve and i'm still searching for other problems

and for the normal it has fixed and yeah the BPM and Offset really troubled me , i confused when suddenly they're changed position @_@ do you have a recommend person to ask about that?
I dnt exactly know anyone you can ask. You can try going to #modhelp in game chat.
Or you can try to go here
Its a modding queue that helps people find bpm and offsets and such.
The only thing is I don't know how long it is going to take :?
And you dnt have to give kudos for every post xD
Just the long mods or posts where I give you a lot of info!
If you give kudos for everything they will eventually be taken away :/
But its okay.
Post in that modding queue and hopefully someone can help us find that bpm :)
1 kudosu per map

KSHR wrote:

1 kudosu per map
I really didnt know that xD
Learn something new everyday.
I think exceptions should be made for a remod tho. Oh well.
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i'm sorry first map and i don't know which one should i give xD and yeah i can't denied kudosus that i give and Thank You for kudosus information :D
Whoa, all those points o.o

Anyways, here's the timing check:


Also your background is too small.
Good luck!
i think your background is tosmall , the BPM still become a problem , diff , the pointer still a little disorganized especially the long slider , i'lm sorry i can't help you because i'm just a usual player and i can't do much to help you , Good Luck in mapping
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Thanks for the help i'm still searching for a better BG , but should i copy all timing points into my osu file? or just the nearest one?
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