Mismatched Flavor Mafia (Rolling with a college party!)

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"What do I do now? Why now? I can't actually believe that I am targeted by Mafia!"

"Calm down, sir! Keep it cool and collected! You're rich, sir! You can hire all the security guards you ever need to!"



"There is no time to be fiery! We need to keep it cool and collected... Hmm... OHMYGOD JUST GET ME ANYTHING! GET ME A BODYGUARDS!!!!!!!"

Therefore, some weird things have been collected to protect the owner from mafia... based on his budget.
Mismatched Flavor Mafia
Moderator: GuyInFreezer
  1. Sakura, Vanilla Townie, survived and won!
  2. Gumica, Vanilla Townie, survived and won!
  1. DakeDekaane, VT, lynched Day 1.
  2. Nyquill, Town Neighborizer, killed Night 1.
  3. Raging Bull, Mafia Goon, lynched Day 2.
  4. Zexion, Town Tracker, killed Night 2.
  5. rEdo, Town 1-shot Bulletproof, lynched Day 3.
  6. CalignoBot, Vanilla Townie, killed Night 3.
  7. Tanzklaue, Mafia Goon, lynched Day 4.
No one.
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General Rules:

  1. General rules always apply here.
  2. If you have a question for me, you can always PM me. If you need to talk to me in thread, please bold your question like this so I can locate it better.
  3. You may not use hidden or encrypted text.
  4. If you have a power to edit/delete your post, don't do it. If you scumslip, just accept it and eat rope.
  5. Play nice. I really don't mind you guys using bad languages, but don't direct them to the other players. Insult the playstyle, not the player.
  6. Do not EVER discuss the ongoing games in this thread nor discuss this game elsewhere. If I catch you, you're out.
  7. Do not quote the PM that moderator sends you. Paraphrasing is fine till certain level.
  8. Do not use provable randomization in this game. Saying that you rolled a dice is fine, using dice tag is not.
  9. This is my color. (#408000) Don't use it.
  10. If you break these rules, I have full rights to punish you at my will. This can range from simple warning to modkill/force-replace.
  11. If I find the certain factors/actions damaging the state of the game, I will intervene and/or take action.
  12. Keep the personal complaint, whatever they may be, outside of the wrong VC/information, private by PMing me.
  13. If I feel like it, I always have a full right to add/modify the rules. If I do, I will fully explain the reason behind such action.
  14. Most importantly, have fun!

Voting and Lynching:

  1. You vote by using bold tag(Vote:GuyInFreezer).
    This is how you do it.
  2. Unvote is not required to change your vote. Also, if it looks like a vote for someone, I will count it. No tricking me!
  3. Lynch happens when half of players + 1 vote the same person. Once lynch happens, the lynchee and the living players may talk until get back and post the flip.
  4. If the deadline is over before majority hits, the day will end with No Lynch.
  5. If you're nightkilled, you may post one information-less "bah" post.

Activity and Deadline:

  1. Deadline for each day is 6 days, and deadline for each night is 2 days.
  2. If you're on V/LA, please tell me beforehand by either post it in thread or PM to me.
  3. If you don't post here for 24 real hours, I will prod you. Failure to receive prod within 24 hours or receiving 3+ prods in game will cause force-replacement.
  4. If you do not submit a night action, it will count as No Action.
  5. If I have to extend the deadline, I will. If I do, I will post it on thread.

  1. This is a theme game. There will be flavors. However, the flavor has nothing to do with alignments.
  2. The setup is normal setup.
  3. There is no bastard elements. There is no bastard roles such as Jester.
  4. There is no third parties.
  5. This is the sample VT role PM.
Welcome to Mismatched Flavor Mafia!

You are Miyamoto Shigeru (Vanilla Townie).

"I’m not saying that I’m going to retire from game development altogether. What I mean by retiring is, retiring from my current position. What I really want to do is be in the forefront of game development once again myself. Probably working on a smaller project with even younger developers. Or I might be interested in making something that I can make myself, by myself. Something really small."

We know your work. Super Mario and Legend of Zelda is fantastic franchise.

Too bad you stepped down from your position, though. Otherwise I would've given you a power role.

But nope. Because I said so, you are a Vanilla Townie.

You can vote and stuff during the day just like all other players do.

You win when all the anti-town factions are eliminated.
/confirm pre-in
is this without PRs, jsut funny flavours?
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It is a closed theme.
Which means I haven't told you about the setup nor I will ever until post-game.
Raging Bull
sure /in
GIF: Is there still interest in this game? I notice you haven't updated the OP since before I /inned.
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Still here. I was gonna update yesterday but I forgot for some reason <.<
I know I sucked last time I played but I wanted to try mafia just one more time to see if I can be atleast mediocre...

So yeah, /in
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I think I'm gonna withdraw this if this doesn't fill by Sunday.
I have some more games already but why not, I hope another one doesn't make a mess in my head.
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2 more?
nobody wants you gif
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Maybe I scared ppl away for making a normal game instead of rolemadness game.
Raging Bull
it seems interesting D:
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For those 7 ppl who joined.
Would you rather see me run this with modified 7p setup or would you rather see this game withdrawn?
im fine with 7p setup.
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