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Game-specific Rules:
-When signing up, please send me a forum PM with at least 3 roles off this list: ... gory:Roles
-The role can have at most one modifier (Odd-night Doctor, Weak Cop, etc.), or use vanilla as base to gain another modifier (1-shot Bulletproof Macho Townie, etc.)
-DISCLAIMER: I reserve the right to nerf your role if it's way too OP, so if you send in a strong role try to balance it out a bit. also, if your list doesn't fit the setup, I may ask for a new list. just don't do anything stupid plz
-Besides that, be creative :3

-NOTE: 100% balance isn't guaranteed although I'll try my hardest. This game may have bastard elements. You have been warned ~

Mod: pieguy1372

1. Sephibro
2. Tanzklaue **
3. Sakura
4. GuyInFreezer **
5. kevincela
6. rEdo *
7. Setsuen ***
8. Gumica *
9. DakeDekaane **
10. fferyllt CTs-Th *
11. NoHitter **
12. Irreversible ***
13. CalignoBot ** Lapis Aoki

* = prod

1. Sephibro, 1-shot Bulletproof Inquisitor, survived!

Dead (w/ role reveal):
5. -kevincela-, Mafia Godfather, lynched D2
3. Sakura, Town Hider, killed N2
8. Gumica, Town 1-shot Lynchproof Tracker, killed N2
10. fferyllt, Town Restless Spirit, lynched D3
6. rEdo, Town Bus Driver, succumbed to poison N3
13. CalignoBot, Town 1-shot Alien, lynched D4
11. NoHitter, Town Weak Seraph Knight, killed N4
4. GuyInFreezer, 1-shot Self-Reviving Judas, lynched D5
9. DakeDekaane, Inquisition Strong-willed Vote Thief, killed N5
12. Irreversible, Town 1-shot Poisoner, killed N5
7. Setsuen, Mafia 2-shot Paranoid Gun Owner, lynched D7
2. Tanzklaue, Town Odd Night Commuter, endgamed!

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General Rules (shamelessly stolen from Sakura):
- Do not Edit or Delete any of your posts.
- Do not quote anything from the PMs given to you by the mod.
- Do not communicate outside of this thread unless your role PM allows you to.
- I am human, and I may make mistakes, if I make a mistake send me a PM or state it in bold.

- Day times consist of 1 week until there's 5 or less players remaining, at that point daytimes will consist of 3 real-life days, these may be extended only on extreme circumstances. Any votes or unvotes after deadline wont count, if the day reaches deadline before a majority is reached, the day ends without a lynch
- Night times consist of 24 hours, if there's only 1 mafia member remaining, players may PM me a vote to end the night early, Until then you may submit or change your action as many times as necessary, you may also decide to take no action by stating it in your PM, any actions taken after deadline wont count and if you didnt send in an action it will count as No action.

Voting and Lynching:
- You may vote a player by stating in bold Vote: Player Name, an Unvote is not required to change your vote but it helps. When a player has reached 50% + 1 of the living players votes, a lynch will happen and the day will end. If I can interpret the intent to vote, it will count.
- Acronyms and Shortened names are fine as long as I can clearly understand who is being voted.
- Alternatively you may vote to end the day without a lynch by voting for it Vote: No Lynch
- When a Lynch has ocurred before the end of the day, the game enters twilight zone, during this time all players including the lynchee may continue to post until I post the lynch scene and end the day, from then on the Lynchee is considered dead and cannot post.
- Dead players cannot post, but may make a bah post without revealing any game content in the following day phase.

- Players will be automatically prodded after 24 hours of not posting.
- Prods must be responded to in the game thread.
- If a player is going to be absent for 24 hours or more they may state that they'll be on V/LA for said time, no more than 3 days V/LA will be accepted and you should consider replacing out if you're going to be gone that long.
- Failing to pick up your prod within 24 hours will end in you getting replaced, you still have time to pick up your prod until a replacement is found.
- If no replacement can be found the slot will be modkilled instead.

If any rule is broken you will be modkilled and become a Neutral Survivor, hence automatically lose.
Modkills may or may not end the day early.
Pretending to break a rule will count as breaking the rule.
Questions > Modkills, if you have doubts whether you're about to break the rules feel free to PM me to make sure.
If you have any questions towards me State it in bold
I'll try to have a vote count at least once every 2 pages, unless i'm sleeping or something.
Last but not least, have fun <3

In the case i've missed anything, refer to these lovely rules by Lybydose:

signups go~

pieguy won't gimme lightning rod PGO :<
why not bulletproof unlynchable
Because lightning rod PGO is better.
confirm in.

should i send the roles now?

pieguy1372 wrote:

-When signing up, please send me a forum PM with at least 3 roles off this list:
second line of the first post
i saw it, geez.
I can't believe i spotted this so late.
so I know we al have to pick3roles. But.. do we also have to pick the modifier or do you do it? If we have to then where's the modifier page? Q.Q
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you don't need to include a modifier

there's a list of modifiers here: ... _Modifiers
sent my PM. Hope you received it :c
setsuen, i WILL ignore every wall of text of yours
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