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Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was a small village called Tabula. Twelve people lived there: there was a Seer, whose eyes could discern what is good and what is evil; a Medium, who was allowed to talk one last time with the dead after their disappearence; a Whore, because of course 11 men living in the same village need a bit of fun sometimes; the other 9 people were normal villagers - actually one of them was a Mythomaniac: "They will rise soon", he ranted, "They will rise and they'll kill us all MU HA HA HA", but he was completely harmless so nobody cared much about him.
Life flowed quiet and peaceful in Tabula, until one day...

Mod: Sephibro

Alive: 5

Setsuen / Villager
Leader / Whore
Gumica / Villager
DakeDekaane / Villager

Dead: 7

Nyquill - slain n0 / Seer
Navizel - lynched d1 / Wolf
CTs-Th - murdered n1 / Medium
-kevincela- - lynched d2 / Villager
GuyInFreezer - killed n2 / Villager
CalignoBot - lynched d3 / Wolf
Irreversible - lynched d6 / Villager
Sakura - lynched d8 / Mythomaniac

- Raging Bull
- pieguy

Roles & Special

2 Wolves: they can kill one person each night; they have nighttalk but no daytalk
1 Mythomaniac: Seer's and Medium's inspections on him gives town result, but he wins with wolves - he can't nightkill and he doesn't know who the wolves are, but the wolves know who he is
1 Seer: he can inspect one player each night to foretell their alignment
1 Whore: (s)he can visit one player each night to give them pleasure and to protect them from nightkill
1 Medium: he gets notified the alignment person who was lynched the day before
6 Villagers: vanilla townies

This game is No Reveal, that means that the role and the alignment won't be revealed on players' death.

Night Start: the first phase of the game is night, but only the wolves will be allowed to submit their actions on the first Night; don't you want to start investigations before anything has happened?!

1) Do not quote your role PM or anything the mod gives to you.
2) Do not post screenshots or any sort of factual evidence of private communications, either with the mod or amongst yourselves.
3) Do not edit your posts.
4) Do not talk outside of the thread, unless your role PM allows so.
5) Mod has the final say on any issue. If the mod makes a mistake, feel free to PM him to sort it out. Alternatively address the mod in bold in the thread.
6) If you need any help, or have questions, feel free to PM the mod.
7) Dead people can't post in the thread. They are allowed ONE farewell post without revealing any game content.
8) Trashtalk is mandatory allowed since it's part of this game - don't be pussies.

1) Good morning.
2) Deadlines will be 4 days - 96 hours. Extensions may be placed depending on the activity.
3) You may vote someone by using this format: Vote : Player. You may also choose to not lynch anyone: Vote: No-Lynch
4) You may also remove your vote by using this format: Unvote
5) When a player receives more than half of the total votes at any point during the day, that player is automatically lynched.
6) Once a player is lynched, the game enters twilight - every player can keep posting until I decide not to be lazy and post the lynch scene.

1) Night lasts 24 hours or until everybody has posted their actions.
2) Any roles or factions with active night abilities may choose to use them by PM-ing the mod (see the Role PM for role-specific instructions).
3) Once the deadline for night has passed, all actions not received will count as a No Action.

0) I made very short deadlines on purpose to boost activity - BE ACTIVE AND DON'T MAKE ME GET ANGRY.
1) At least one post per 24 hours. If a player has not posted for 24 hours, one may request for them to be prodded.
2) If the player prodded doesn't respond, a he/she will be replaced.
3) If the player gets prodded three times already and still becomes inactive he/she will be automatically replaced.
4) If no replacement can be found. The player will be modkilled instead.
5) I don't want to have to find a replacement after more than 20 or 30 pages have been written already because it will be very awkward to find someone - IF YOU FEEL THAT YOU DON'T WANT TO PLAY ANYMORE OR YOU'RE NOT GOING TO BE ABLE, DECIDE TO ASK FOR A REPLACEMENT ASAP
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Sample Role PMs

"...full moon is on the sky and he's not a man anymore"

You are a Wolf, and your buddy is XX.
You have a factional kill each Night.
You may communicate using this QT at Night :
You also have a precious ally: YY, the Mythomaniac; you know his identity but he doesn't know yours.

You win when you control half the votes or nothing can prevent it from happening. (Mythomaniac doesn't count neither as Wolf nor as Town)

You are the Mythomaniac.
Seer's inspection on you gives Town result.

You win if Wolves win or if you are in the last two living.
You are the Seer.
Each night, starting from the second one, you may target one player to foretell their alignment.

You win when all the bad guys are dead.
You are the Whore.
Each night, starting from the second one, you may target one player to sexually please them to protect them from a nighkill the same night.

You win when all the bad guys are dead.
You are the Medium.
At the beginning of each night, you'll be informed of the alignment of the player who was lynched the day before.

You win when all the bad guys are dead.
You are a Villager.
Your wepons are your words, and your vote.

You win when all the bad guys are dead.
I want to be the whore :< (in)
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you are my favourite whore <3

Night start, does that mean Wolf can NK right before day1 start?
Newbie wants in ;c
Got lots of time on hand since school doesn't start until April just for this yr.
let's give a shot /in
Raging Bull

just put me down as a replacement for now. If you need like one more person then add me. I have school and work now.
i'd also like to participate :3 /in
Don't maek me a whore pls

Setsuen wrote:

Newbie wants in ;c
Be easy on me can i be the whore

no u that's my role
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wow that sakura comeback <3

btw since there are many new players in this game, i put a couple useful links in the first post to make your lives easier
A list of the most commonly used abbreviations
Some other useful shit
This game gonna be so tough for beginners. Since it's a werewolf with no reveal.
(And mythomaniac as traitor. Well, shit.)
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yeah the setup is pretty tough, but it's not much more than the standard live mafia
You'll be able to do good if everyone plays actively ;)
/in (if there is still a place ofc)

I really try to stay active :C
/in replace

also if you're new you might wanna read this ... e_to_Mafia
good luck :D
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