Greatest Idea Mafia - Game Over (Mafia Win)

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Hello, This is Greatest Idea Mafia.

You will receive a Role PM with 3 possible Roles taken from this deck and then you'll choose the alignment from 1 of the role cards, the power from another of the role cards, and discard the remaining role card.

The role cards that are discarded will be made public at the start of the game.

There must be at least 1 anti-town player and Town must be at least 50% of the playerbase for the game to begin, if after choosing roles this isn't true the roles will be re-randomized and you'll have to choose again.

To signup for the game just type /in in this thread.

1. Sephibro
2. Irreversible
3. GuyInFreezer
4. Lincolm (V/LA until 14th october)
5. Zexion_Vi
6. CalignoBot
7. pieguy1372 Blue Yoshi

Replacement List:

Sephibro Town 1-Shot Day Vigilante was lynched D1
GuyInFreezer Town Bloodhound was killed N1
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General Rules:
- Do not Edit or Delete any of your posts.
- You may ask me to fix your forum tags if necessary.
- Do not quote anything from the PMs given to you by the mod.
- Do not communicate outside of this thread unless your role PM allows you to.
- Do not use any form of provable randomness, saying that you flipped a coin and acted on that is fine, proving that you flipped said coin is not.
- I am human, and I may make mistakes, if I make a mistake send me a PM or state it in bold.

- Day times consist of 2 weeks, these may be extended only on extreme circumstances. Any votes or unvotes after deadline wont count, if the day reaches deadline before a majority is reached, the day ends without a lynch
- Night times consist of 48 hours, Until then you may submit or change your action as many times as necessary, you may also decide to take no action by stating it in your PM, any actions taken after deadline wont count and if you didnt send in an action it will count as No action.

Voting and Lynching:
- You may vote a player by stating in bold Vote: Player Name, an Unvote is not required to change your vote but it helps. When a player has reached 50% + 1 of the living players votes, a lynch will happen and the day will end. If I can interpret the intent to vote, it will count.
- Acronyms and Shortened names are fine as long as I can clearly understand who is being voted.
- Alternatively you may vote to end the day without a lynch by voting for it Vote: No Lynch
- When a Lynch has ocurred before the end of the day, the game enters twilight zone, during this time all players including the lynchee may continue to post until I post the lynch scene and end the day, from then on the Lynchee is considered dead and cannot post.
- Dead players cannot post, but may make a bah post without revealing any game content in the following day phase.

- Any player may request the mod to prod a player as long as they haven't posted for 48 hours or more.
- Prods must be responded to in the game thread.
- If a player is going to be absent for 48 hours or more they may state that they'll be on V/LA for said time, no more than 5 days V/LA will be accepted and you should consider replacing out if you're going to be gone that long.
- Saturday and Sunday count as 24 hours for prods.
- Failing to pick up your prod within 24 hours will end in you getting replaced, you still have time to pick up your prod until a replacement is found.

If any rule is broken you will be modkilled and become a Neutral Survivor, hence automatically lose.
Modkills may or may not end the day early.
Pretending to break a rule will count as breaking the rule.
Questions > Modkills, if you have doubts whether you're about to break the rules feel free to PM me to make sure.
If you have any questions towards me State it in bold
I'll try to have a vote count at least once every 2 pages, unless i'm sleeping or something.
Last but not least, have fun <3

In the case i've missed anything, refer to these lovely rules by Lybydose: p/1062608
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Your Role PM will contain something similar:

Your 3 role cards are:
Mafia Doctor
Werewolf Cop

Please reply to this PM by responding to the following:

1) The Role card from which you want to choose your alignment.
2) The Role card from which you want to choose your power.
3) The Role card that you wish to discard.

An example would be

1) Werewolf Cop
2) Mafia Doctor
3) Vigilante

Then you would receive the following.

You are a Werewolf Doctor.

Your partners are: ...etc

You and your partners share a factional QT that can be accessed in here
You and your partners share a factional kill, each ngiht you may choose a player to kill and who of you will kill him.
Every night you may PM me a target of your choice, that player will be protected from 1 kill that night.
You may only perform one of these 2 per night.

Please confirm in the thread.

And upon the game start it will be announced that you discarded: Vigilante.
definitely IN
definitely LYNCHED
i mean in.
oh why not
you better give me pikachu
GIF is Pikachu

I want to join :D! This one sounds fun ^^

gg i lost :c
Blue Yoshi_old
It seems I'm late for this one awa

/in as replacement (if needed)
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Randomizing roles

Role Cards sent out waiting for each players' picks
aw crap ;w;
in to replace
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Waiting on 1 person to send their role choices.

All choices are in and it's a setup that we can run, so role PMs will go out shortly.

All Role PMs are out, game will begin when 5/7 confirm.
Blue Yoshi_old
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