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NOTE: Beware of spoilers

June 1983

The Watanagashi Festival is coming once again. The string of murders on this night for the past four years is fully expected to happen once again. The people of Hinamizawa are not satisfied with allowing this to continue further and are willing to do what has to be done in order to stop Oyashiro-sama's curse once and for all.

However, there are those who have other goals. Only those who have the courage to fight for their destiny will be able to overcome the curse.

Can fate be changed? Or will this Watanagashi Festival be the most catastrophic one yet?

Moderator: CalignoBot
Backup/Co-Moderator: Jinxy

Possible Character List: Yoink

Player List (Bolded is confirmed) (Asterisks indicate a prod)
1. pieguy1372
2. NoHitter
3. fartownik
4. Rantai - Raging Bull
6. Sakura
7. Sephibro
8. Irreversible
9. rEdo
10. GuyInFreezer - Blue Yoshi
11. Disrespect - Zexion
12. DakeDekaane


1. Sakura
1. rEdo, Shion Sonozaki, Innocent Hinamizawan, Lynched Day 1
2. Disrespect, Jirou Tomitake, Innocent Hinamizawan turned Neutral Survivor, Modkilled Day 2.
3. Irreversible, Kuraudo Ooishi, Innocent Hinamizawan, has committed suicide Night 2.
4. pieguy1372, Rena Ryuuguu, Oyashiro Supporter, has been lynched Day 3.
5. BRBP, Satoko Houjou, Innocent Hinamizawan has committed suicide Night 3.
6. Rantai, Miyo Takano, Oyashiro Supporter, has been lynched Day 4.
7. GuyInFreezer, Oryou Sonozaki, Innocent Hinamizawan has committed suicide Night 4.
8. DakeDekaane, Kyousuke Irie, Innocent Hinamizawan, has been lynched Day 5.
9. Sephibro, Rika Furude, Innocent Hinamizawan turned Neutral Survivor, Modkilled Day 6.
10. NoHitter, Satoshi Houjou, Oyashiro Supporter, has been lynched Day 6.
11. fartownik, Mion Sonozaki, Innocent Hinamizawan, has committed suicide Day 6 and won.
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Game Rules

1.1) All site rules apply. Be familiar with them before playing.
1.2) Unless your role PM says otherwise, you are not allowed to talk about the game outside of the thread.
1.3) Quoting any PM from the moderator will result in a modkill. Paraphrasing is usually acceptable.
1.4) This is a game and strong language/tones are possible. As long as it remains civil, it is acceptable. Personal grudges or harassment (sexist, homophobic, racist, etc.) is not acceptable. The first offense will result in a warning, while the second will result in a force replace.

Game Mechanics
2.1) All votes must be bolded. Votes without this format will be ignored.
2.2) Votes within quote or spoiler tags will be ignored.
2.3) It is recommended to use a player's full name for votes, but it is acceptable to shorten it as long as it doesn't cause confusion. Any ambiguous votes will be ignored.
2.4) Unvoting is recommended for changing your vote, but not required. The exceptions are when you aren't placing another vote or if you have a double voting ability.
2.5) A lynch will be achieved when 50%+1 of the player list has their vote on a single person. Once that threshold is reached, the game enters twilight and no more votes will count for the day. No lynch votes require only 50% of the player list to go through.
2.6) You are allowed a single post in the thread once you are dead. This post must not contain any game-relevant information.

Activity and Deadlines
3.1) Do your best to stay active. This game is a commitment.
3.2) If you do not post in the thread for 24 hours, you are eligable for a prod PM. Players may request a prod if another player hasn't posted in that time.
3.3) If a player has to be prodded 3 times in a day, or 4 times total across the game, they may be force-replaced.
3.4) Players have 24 hours after recieving a prod to open the PM. After this threshold has passed, I will begin looking for a replacement.
3.5) If you will be gone for an extended period of time, you may post your V/LA in bold. The Prod Timer will be ignored for the duration and will be reset once it is over. V/LAs should not be longer than half of a day phase if you will have no access.
3.6) If you have to be gone for a significant amount of time, you will most likely be replaced. Finding your own replacement is appreciated, but not strictly required.
3.7) Deadlines will be 14 days for each day, but reduced down to 7 days if the game reaches day four.
3.8) Nights will have a 48 hour deadline. Failure to submit an action will result in you doing nothing for the night.
3.9) Deadlines for both day and night may be extended depending on the circumstances. While night deadlines will only be extended due to replacement issues, day deadlines are more flexible. Replacements are most likely to be the cause of a day's deadline extending, but aren't necessarily the only possible cause.

4.1) Do not post in green. This is the moderator's color. Any other color is fair game as long as it doesn't detract from the game's readability.
4.2) I will do my best to post vote counts at least once a day. Depending on the activity level, I will post vote counts either more or less often. If you request a vote count, I will provide one at the next opportunity.
4.3) Do not post cryptography, codes, invisible text, or small text.
4.4) Editing your post is grounds for an immediate modkill. Don't do it.
4.5) All story flavor is completely game-irrelevant.
4.7) If a vote count is incorrect, let me know and I'll correct it when I have time.
4.8) Feel free to PM me if something in the game or ruleset is unclear.
4.9) Loopholes do not exist. Use common sense. If something sounds like it would be against the rules and isn't listed here, chances are you will still be punished for it. See rule 4.8 if you're unsure.
4.10) I reserve the right to modify the ruleset as needed. If this happens, you will be notified in thread.

Game-Specific Information
5.1) Everyone has a certain Hizamizawa Syndrome (HS) level. This stat goes from 1-5 and begins at 2.
5.2) Everyone is made aware of their current HS level at the start of each night; each night and next day action will operate off of this value. If this value is 5, they will commit suicide at the end of the night.
5.3) Due to the nature of the roles, only the character name and alignment will be revealed upon death.
5.4) The mafia do not get a standard mafia kill. Instead, they have the ability to increase the HS level of multiple people.
5.5) This set-up is not bastard, and therefore has none of the following: Alignment-Changing Roles or Abilities, Jesters, Cults, Misleading Roles, Unknown Role Modifiers, etc.

A sample town Role PM is below:

Random Person

You are a random person who just happens to live in Hinamizawa. You have no real significance to what is going on, so you're actually pretty boring. Oh well.

Alignment: Innocent Hinamizawans

Personal Abilities:
[P] - Boring Person - You are so boring, and clearly no one else can handle it. Anyone who visits you at night will die.
[D][A] - Opinions - During the day, you can stack seven votes onto one person.
[N][A] - Apocalypse - HS = 5 - You are on the verge of insanity. Before you die, you may proclaim that the apocalypse is coming. If you do so, the game will end upon your suicide.

You win when the Oyashiro Supporters are eliminated.

[P] - Passive
[A] - Ability
[D] - Day Phase
[N] - Night Phase
I'll replace if needed.
nice, i'm in
in D:
confirming pre-in
Higurashi? in without a doubt~
Blue Yoshi_old
Might as well :3
give me mafia this time plz :P
vengekill pieguy :) xD lol
Raging Bull
pieguy obvious mafia.
I would like to join, but this would be my first time playing this kind of game. I don't understand the game mechanics too well... but if you guys could explain me, then I would have no troubles :D
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Be aware that this is a fairly complex mafia game compared to normal set-ups. It's not very easy to learn the game from one like this.

Either way, I will not be ending sign-ups until I hear from Tsukasa about his pre-in slot.
i'll be lynch no. 1 anyway, I can feel it
Irre best lynchbait EU :)
i'm sure you're all mafia against me (town)
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If Tsukasa doesn't confirm pre-in and/or respond by the time I check in after work tomorrow, I will look for a new sign-up.
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Tsukasa's spot is now open for another sign-up.
Taking that spot
/in <:
yay welcome dake :)

Btw, are we sure farto is in too?
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