The spy agents vs The mafia (Game Over! Spy Agents win)

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It is the year 1980, it is the momment for the secret agency KLARK to make a move, however it's 2 more important spies are blending together in this mafia infested territory.

Your mission if you choose to accept it is to infiltrate into the Club NUTS, and assasinate the spies, be careful however, as any attempt to kill an innocent will have repercusions, There will be no support other than your partner, but unfortunately communicating between you two would be too obvious and we had to disable all posible communication.

Good Luck. Agent SHARK out.

This is a 7 player game with Fixed Roles: 2x Spy Agent (Mafia), 3x Innocent clubber (Vanilla Townie) and 2x Hitter Mafia (Mason) [Yes i'm serious]

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Sephibro !
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General Rules:
- Do not Edit or Delete any of your posts.
- You may ask me to fix your forum tags if necessary.
- Do not quote anything from the PMs given to you by the mod.
- Do not communicate outside of this thread unless your role PM allows you to.
- Do not use any form of provable randomness, saying that you flipped a coin and acted on that is fine, proving that you flipped said coin is not.
- I am human, and I may make mistakes, if I make a mistake send me a PM or state it in bold.

- Day Times consist of Battery power, starting at 100% it goes down by a varying ammount based on true activity. If it reaches 0% the Player with the highest ammount of votes is Lynched and the day ends, tiebreaker the player who reached the tying ammount of votes first.
- Battery may be increased if a replacement is necessary.
- This game is Nightless, when a player dies, votes are reset and the next day will start.

Voting and Lynching:
- You may vote a player by stating in bold Vote: Player Name, an Unvote is not required to change your vote but it helps. When a player has reached 50% + 1 of the living players votes, a lynch will happen and the day will end. If I can interpret the intent to vote, it will count.
- Acronyms and Shortened names are fine as long as I can clearly understand who is being voted.
- No Lynch votes are banned during LyLo (they wont count)
- When a Lynch has ocurred before the end of the day, the game enters twilight zone, during this time all players including the lynchee may continue to post until I post the lynch scene and end the day, from then on the Lynchee is considered dead and cannot post.
- Dead players cannot post.

- Any player may request the mod to prod a player as long as they haven't posted for 24 hours or more.
- Prods must be responded to in the game thread.
- If a player is going to be absent for 24 hours or more they may state that they'll be on V/LA for said time, no more than 5 days V/LA will be accepted and you should consider replacing out if you're going to be gone that long.
- Saturday and Sunday count as 24 hours for prods.
- Failing to pick up your prod within 24 hours will end in you getting replaced, you still have time to pick up your prod until a replacement is found.

If any rule is broken you will be modkilled and become a Neutral Survivor, hence automatically lose.
Modkills may or may not end the day early.
Pretending to break a rule will count as breaking the rule.
Questions > Modkills, if you have doubts whether you're about to break the rules feel free to PM me to make sure.
If you have any questions towards me State it in bold
I'll try to have a vote count at least once every 2 pages, unless i'm sleeping or something.
Last but not least, have fun <3

In the case i've missed anything, refer to these lovely rules by Lybydose: p/1062608

Nightless, After a death the game moves over to the next day.
At any time a Spy Agent may PM the mod a kill target, if the target is Mafia it will die, if it's an innocent clubber the spy will die instead.
Town wins if both Spy Agents die
Spy Agents win if both Mafia die.
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Welcome Agent X.

Your mission if you choose to accept it, is to infiltrate the club and assasinate the mafia.
Your only backup will be your partner Agent Y.
For security reasons we had to disable your communication.
If you accidentally hit an Innocent Clubber, there will be repercusions.
You win when both of the Mafia are dead.

Good Luck!
This message will self-destruct in 30 seconds.
Please post in the thread BOOOM to confirm the descrution of this message
This is a warning X.

You and Y are in grave danger at the momment, the KLARK has sent spies to kill you.
We cannot afford to lose you two, try to collaborate with the clubbers and find out who are the spies and get them dead.
This is NOT a training mission.
You win when both of the Spy Agents are dead.
Avoid being found out at all costs.

Good Luck!
This message will self-destruct in 30 seconds.
Please post in the thread BOOOM to confirm the destruction of this message
You are having a nice time at the club, sitting back, but you know better, you are aware why you are there, you know among the other 6, 2 spy agents are hiding, and it is your job to help identify them and prevent them from killing the mafia.
You win when both of the Spy Agents are dead.

Good Luck!
This message doesnt self destruct in 30 seconds but post BOOOM in the thread anyway.
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ACTION signs up.
In to replace, or in as last spot if you lack signups. (I don't care if they lack "wig ups" iPhone, that's not what I was typing.)
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So town wins with mafia?
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Raging Bull wrote:

So town wins with mafia?
Flavor wise, the mafia is the town.
Raging Bull
Sorry LS but in
i can replace i suppose o.o it's full alrdy right?
Raging Bull

very unenthusiastic boom you gave me.

EDIT: Hitter Mafia means that they can make daykills, isn't it? i can't find this information anywhere
I'm a confirm.

Sephibro wrote:


EDIT: Hitter Mafia means that they can make daykills, isn't it? i can't find this information anywhere
1. Do not edit your posts. Use "EBWOP: Content" in the new post if you forget to write something. Double/triple/quadruple posts allowed.
2. I guess you should direct such questions to mod privately.
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I exploded and half my face fell off.
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