Newbie #9 - Knock! Knock! Knock! (Game End)

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...It's me, the Ratboy Genius. This is your somewhat crazy mod of Lilac speaking, Lily ain't gonna be talking for a while so I'm taking over this shing-ding of a Mafia game.

This game is for those who want to either try Mafia for the first time or want to get a better understanding/not have to rely on roles/prefer logic and scumhunting. Like how mafia should be actually played.

Mafia, inherently, has been a game about lies and deceit. Mafia lying to an uninformed majority to greedily win themselves and town being equally greedy to get rid of those who are against them. This had made me reconsider whether playing this game was morally right for me, I took a lot of things personally and the game of Mafia was no exception. Countless nights I have staying up because I was close to being lynched just to try and selfishly save myself and not to mention the amount of thought and WIFOM I had to sift through, it was something that haunted me for ages but I still came back to it until I just could not be bothered anymore.

Now, I don't really care about people much anymore so this honestly doesn't really phase me.

This is a Matrix6 setup, no one could change the setup in time and I personally hate the setup myself but I'm using it anyway. Look here for the setup. I honestly would have called it Matrix9 what with my math background. I'll choose either A B C 1 2 or 3 and you look at the corresponding row or column to see what the setup is. The page explains it to you very well.

  1. Sakura - Shot N4 - Vanilla Townie
  2. Jinxy - Shot N2 - Vanilla Townie
  3. CalignoBot*
  4. SenaSaki** - Fed to Marina D2 - Vanilla Townie
  5. Quotes kookookook* - Shot N1 - Town Cop
  6. Royston*
  7. rEdo - Turned into a black squash ball D1 - Mafia Goon
  8. Irreversible* - Lynched D3 - Vanilla Townie
  9. DakeDekaane*

* - prod
Bold - Confirmed
Underscore - Replaced

Important Game Events:

Day 1 Start
Votecount D1: 1.1 | 1.2 | 1.3 | Final Votecount
Quotes replaces kookookook
Day 2 Start
Votecount D2: 2.1
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  1. Don't be retarded. Don't do anything retarded. Don't do anything that leads to being retarded. I'll decide what's retarded.
  2. You play to your win condition, anything against it and you're retarded.
  3. Don't copy your Role PM or anything that's quoted by me, do not also quote directly or screen capture any private conversations you have with people, only retarded people do that.
  4. Don't write crud that people don't understand, people are retarded cause they don't understand stuff but you're retarded for doing stuff that other people don't understand in the first place. Plus, people aren't going to believe you if you're retarded and saying stuff that people don't understand. This falls under not writing in English, writing in encrypted text or anything that's generally annoying to read.
  5. Do not edit or delete your posts, retarded people do that for retarded reasons.
  6. I'll change the rules when something crops up because I'm retarded and I'm also writing these rules from scratch from the basis of another.

  1. Prods will be given out automatically after 24 hours or under user request after 36 hours depending on if I get lazy or have some busy stuff to do.
  2. People who have been prodded several times may be replaced without warning because they're lazy and other people don't like lazy people.
  3. I don't have to remind you guys to post content? Don't be lazy and just post to not get prodded, that's really lazy.
  4. If you're going away or not looking here for 36 hours, please do not be lazy and post here in bold saying that you've got lazy stuff to do.

  1. Confirm your PM.
  2. Starts at 8/9 to confirm.
  3. Mafia can talk pregame until D1 start.

  1. Deadlines are in a week, guys. I doubt I'll be giving extensions but if I do then well...
  2. You guys can also vote No Lynch if you want. Vote: No Lynch is how you do it but yeah...if you really want to well...
  3. Lynch is half + 1 players that are alive. I'll tell you how many it is every vote count so yeah...
  4. If majority isn't reached, there will be no lynch so you know...
  5. Vote by Vote: Player name here. and unvotes for me are necessary. If you don't unvote, then your vote will still stay the same so yeah... Do Unvote for me...
  6. You can totally make one "Bah!" post...that has no information because you know if you did give information away then yeah...

  1. Night will last 24 or 48 hours depending on if it's needed. By certain people, I think you know what people they will be.
  2. Actions can be submitted beforehand and you can keep changing. If you submit no action then that's exactly what you do. No action.

Other things:
  1. Don't analyse the flavour guys, This is a newbie game I hope you guys are aware of that. I might even be lazy have no flavour depending on the days.
  2. Bold anything that you have concerns with or PM if it's a more private issue.
  3. Do not break rule 3 of this section.
Not so ninja /in
man I'm in a matrix6 already
I think I'll sit out this one for now, need time to do stuff
Hello yes /in
Also it's called matrix6 because there's 6 possible choices, matrix9 is a different setup that includes diagonals.
shouldn't it be matrix8 then? :P
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Yeah, I don't know what Sakura is thinking.
idk, i didnt name it.
/in Just because
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Damnit, Saki.

Rules are up now.
2k posts
8k posts
scaring the hell outta me

and ugh getting used to a new metagame
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Meta is everywhere, feel free to look up all the games that have been played here.
's a bit different, watching and actually playing.

and besides, I have this theory that meta bends to match me...
yes finally something that won't make my head explode

sheesh, enough of mindfucks already
in :D
Knock knock, may I come in?

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