Touhou PyP IV (Game over - Mafia wins :>)

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game over, Mafia wins :>

hi, my name is Remilia Scarlet. Welcome to my mansion... You all may be wondering why you're here, and well, basically I was just bored so I wanted to throw this party ~ I have a lot of surprises planned and my maid should be preparing dinner right about now (don't worry, nothing involving humans is involved...I think..) Oh, one thing, make sure not to go down any staircases while you're here.. Let's all enjoy it together, shall we?

NoHitter wrote:

1) Do not quote your role PM or anything the mod gives to you.
2) Do not post screenshots or any sort of factual evidence of private communications, either with the mod or amongst yourselves.
3) Do not edit your posts.
4) Do not talk outside of the thread, unless your role PM allows so.
5) Mod has the final say on any issue. If the mod makes a mistake, feel free to PM him to sort it out.
6) If you need any help, or have questions, or just want to talk in general, feel free to PM the mod.
7) Dead people may not post in the thread.

1) Game starts at Day.
2) Deadlines will be 96 hours tentatively. Extensions may be placed depending on the activity.
3) You may vote someone by using this format: Vote : Player. You may also choose to not lynch anyone: Vote: No-Lynch
4) You may also remove your vote by using this format: Unvote
5) When a player receives more than half of the total votes at any point during the day, that player is automatically lynched.
6) Once a player is lynched, there shall be no posting in the thread even before the mod posts the lynch scene. Night will commence shortly.
7) If no one has been lynched, and the deadline has passed, the person with the most votes gets lynched. If there is a tie, the one who reached the tying amount of votes first, is lynched.
8) A player has to remain active, at least one post per 24 hours. If a player has not posted for 24 hours, one may request for them to be prodded.
9) If the player prodded doesn't respond, a he/she will be replaced.
10) If the player gets prodded three times already and still becomes inactive he/she will be automatically replaced.
11) If no replacement can be found. The player will be modkilled instead.

1) Night lasts 24 hours.
2) Any roles or factions with active night abilities may choose to use them by PM-ing the mod (see the Role PM for role-specific instructions).
3) Once the deadline for night has passed, all actions not received will count as a No Action.

  1. Starting day 4, days will be 72 hours instead of 96, cause we don't need any more inactivity :P
  2. After signing up, please send me a forum pm with the names of 3 Touhou characters. I'll pick one of those characters, with a matching-ish ability to be your role. If you don't know the Touhou series, please let me know and I'll pick a character for you. If no PM is received, I'll pick a character. (Note: please don't pick Remilia Scarlet or Flandre Scarlet cause the flavor won't work otherwise)
  3. Please, don't join if you won't be able to be active > <
  4. don't do anything stupid plz
  5. Everything else follows the standard rules above from NoHItter

let's go :D

Living Players:
  1. Kanye West DakeDekaane (Patchouli Knowledge) - Mafia Commuter - WINNER
  2. Lilac
  3. Raging Bull
  4. Tanzklaue
  5. Rantai
  6. Jinxy (Kaku Seiga) - Mafia Bus Driver - WINNER
  7. Sakura
  8. NoHItter
  9. Kitsunemimi
  10. Royston
  11. BRBP
  12. fartownik

Dead Players:
  1. NoHItter (Futatsuiwa Mamizou) - Watcher - master sparked D1
  2. Rantai (Ibuki Suika) - Neighborizer - fell down a staircase N1
  3. Sakura (Kochiya Sanae) - 2-shot VT Reviver - killed N1
  4. Raging Bull (Cirno) - Mafia Roleblocker - lynched D2 (WINNER)
  5. fartownik (Komeiji Satori) - Sibling - killed N2
  6. Royston (Komeiji Koishi) - Sibling - disappeared? N2
  7. Tanzklaue (Nazrin) - Gunsmith - killed N3
  8. BRBP (Kirisame Marisa) - 1-shot Dayvig - lynched D4
  9. Lilac (Kawashiro Nitori) - Inventor - endgamed
  10. Kitsunemimi (Kagiyama Hina) - Doctor/PGO - endgamed

  1. DakeDekaane
  2. Princess

  1. game start p/2456545
  2. D1 start p/2457355
  3. NoHItter dies p/2465758
  4. votecounts 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9
  5. N1 start p/2469138
  6. D2 start p/2471458
  7. DakeDekaane replaces Kanye West p/2478853
  8. votecounts 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5
  9. N2 start p/2490297
  10. D3 start p/2494216
  11. votecounts 3.1, 3.2, 3.3
  12. N3 start p/2504579
  13. D4 start p/2507652
  14. votecounts 4.1
  15. N4 start p/2510078
  16. owari p/2510638
Kanye West
I'm in. Derp.
Raging Bull
I'm in. And tired :3/
Oh god this again. Okay.
k why not
Let's try this.
Omg <3
I wanna try~
I don't know shit about Touhou
I've never played a game of Mafia

  1. don't do anything stupid plz

Well, have a read first: and ... e_to_Mafia

That's not a suggestion, by the way. You really need to know the bare basics to play mafia
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Jinxy wrote:

Well, have a read first: and ... e_to_Mafia

That's not a suggestion, by the way. You really need to know the bare basics to play mafia
^ this, just a warning :P
It's fine if you know how to play ofc, but if not, I absolutely recommend reading it first :3
Kay, sign me up.
yeah, I've read all the basics and stuff already. just haven't played before
Also 12 players is optimal to start the game here I think.
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I'll cut the deadline by 24 hours (so 24 hours total), since a lot of people signed up already.
did u see NH's post regarding why it's bad to have over 12 players?
I think I'll spec this one, I'm in if you need a replacement.
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