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Changing the Title Text : The Guide

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Here's a feature that hasn't been used much, that should be used more. With the magical help of Luigi, here we go!

The Title Text

The title text is that artist and title display at the beginning of a map. Usually it's white. Why? Because no one bothers changing it. But there's some stuff you can do. Read on.

What You Can Change
What you can change is included, but not necessary limited to (each line is separate):
-Color of the text
-When it appears
-How long it stays on the screen
-Whether or not it's bolded

How to Have It Changed
To have it changed is simple. You can not do it yourself. Just ask a moderator, including BATs. They're the only ones able to change it. Simply tell them what you want, and if they approve, they'll change it.

Why to Use It

When used right, it can add to the map. A good color can do quite a bit. Sometimes the white title text can blend into the background, so you can make it not blend in by changing the color. You can make the text bigger or smaller if you want. Also, sometimes you want it to appear at a certain time and last for a certain amount of time. Why? Storyboarding, really. For most people, though, the color is the most important thing. You can even have the lines different colors if it fits your map.

Ending Note
I've used this a few times, personally. Look at Heatman and my Sonic maps. This topic was made so people are aware of it and will hopefully use it more. The End.
Is there any coding we can follow?

I remember YoshiKart posted something like this on his thread for Crescent Island:
bold: 1
size: 24
wait: 2000
time: 327

Three lines of metadata:
Sherbet Island
Crescent Island
Composed by David Wise

I'm not sure if there's any sort of code-stuff, or else I'm just being stupid (And it's late :P ).

Other than that, something that helps oh so much~ x3
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This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
A reminder: Background elements such as the title text darken during gameplay. So if the title text isn't at the beginning/end/during a break, it will be darker. White for example, will turn gray. This can be seen in my map.
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Just bringing this up a bit, so more people can see it. Luigihann had me make it, after all.

All the modding queues brought it down. Bah!
there's your sticky
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
Changed this and a few other stickies to announcements.

I'd really like to see this feature utilized more. Changing the title text is so underused since few even know that it's possible. ):
Why not make it so everybody could use it without asking a moderator, It would be the most logical step if you want more to use it.

Xgor wrote:

Why not make it so everybody could use it without asking a moderator, It would be the most logical step if you want more to use it.
I really like if that is the case.
If I want to use this feature, I would want to know whether the change is good one or not, asking a moderator to change it every time is rather tedious and I'm sure the mod will be annoyed :?
Made a request about it now viewtopic.php?f=4&t=48137
How the title text works:

You are limited to 200 characters. If you go well over this limit, the beatmap will crash. If you only go a few over, the last few characters of the last line will be truncated off to make it 200 characters. I can't verify these numbers, they are just observational guesses, especially with the fade and default hold time.

The arguments are as follows:

time: ms value of when to start fading in. It is affected by a fade, which is 1/20th the hold time in ms.
bold: 0 is off, 1 is on
size: the size of the text
colour: The colour of the text in the following form: R.G.B in decimal. Note the period separating values. Like all colorized objects, it fades strangely during the transition between breaks and playing (63 is added/subtracted to each decimal value)
hold: how long the text stays on the screen, including the fade in and out.
| (pipe character) means a new line

When you submit a new beatmap and do not edit these settings (only BATs can), the following is updated in the osu!.db file and online:

The defaults are as follows:
time: previous line + 500
bold: 1
size: 40
colour: 255.255.255
hold: 6000

[time:672,size:30,colour:255.0.0,hold:1000]Line 1|[bold:0]Line 2
Line 1 will start fading in for 50 ms at 672, be a red color, and be midsized and bold, fading out to 0 at 1672.
Line 2 will start fading in for 300 ms at 1172 and fade to 0 at 7172, be white, and large but not bold.

These lines are unaffected by mods and pausing if no lines have any specific time associated with them.

So that's about it. Sometimes even bad information is better than no information, especially if you know it's not 100% accurate to begin with.
Just a reminder that I'm always happy to change the title text for a map. Just send me (or another BAT) a forum PM!
This thread is also linked here t/60228 under the announcement (Misc) sections. Changing to standard since It's already being linked in another announcement plus I believe this guide doesn't belong to the announcement section.
Is there a way to disable title text?
It might be possible to put "transparent" as the textcolor but you would have to ask that a QAT.
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