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Thanks to meiikyuu for the banner!

This is a flavorless game (kinda) - intended to be extremely newbie friendly.
Please be considerate in this fact, this is a game solely meant to jumpstart the Mafia sub-forum.

Status: D4 - 96H

It's the year 1492. You find yourself on a boat sanctioned by the Kingdom of Beatclickers heading towards what Columbus thought would be India/Eastern Asia, or as we call it today, America. King Pepster I has asked this crew of 16 to sail across the ocean and trade our mice for tablets and touchscreens. The crew of 15 plus their elderly captain dkun, set sail towards Newfoundland.

Weeks away from any kind of civilization, half the crew is coming down with seasickness and many of you want to go back. Through dkun's determination and his fear of being reprimanded by the King, he refuses to turn back. On one sad morning, you find him stabbed in the back in his cabin with a note on the desk.. It reads "We will never reach Newfoundland, everyone will die on this ship, starting with this silly man of a captain that we have!".

Will you find the ones that murdered your captain? Or will you die along with him in the depths of the seven seas?

  1. BRBP
  2. Meatstick
  3. Sakura
  4. Nyquill
  5. Kanye West
  6. fartownik
  7. those
  8. Lybydose
  9. JInxyjem
  10. Sync
  11. Seph Lincolm
  12. Hika
  13. Raging Bull
  14. NoHitter
  15. Mikurun-run Tsukasa

Possible Setups:
  1. 3 Pirates - 12 Sailors
  2. 3 Pirates - 10 Sailors - 1 Chief Officer (Cop) - 1 Chief Engineer (Doctor)
  3. 3 Pirates - 9 Sailors - 2 Chief Officers (Cop) - 1 Chief Engineer (Doctor)
  4. 3 Pirates - 8 Sailors - 2 Chief Officers (Cop) - 1 Chief Engineer (Doctor) - 1 Assistant Engineer (Nurse)

Role PM Examples:

Hello! Thanks for your interest in TMRP.

You are a Sailor!
All you want is to prove to your king that you are a loyal subject. You wish to find the one that murdered the Captain and will go to any extent to find the culprits.

You sail the high seas with your brethren, showing no fear. You cannot let this ship be taken by the skallywag traitors they are!
Find the group and lynch them. All they want is to have all the elite gaming mice in the stronghold!
You win when all threats to Town have been eliminated.
Hello! Thanks for your interest in TMRP.

You are a Pirate! Your looting group is X, Y, and Z.
You took on this endeavor to become rich and famous. What's a better way than to steal the King's ship filled with all the treasure one could ask for?

You sail the high seas with your brethren pirates, wanting all the fame and fortune. Your goal is to own this ship before you reach Newfoundland!
As a group, you are allowed one attempted kill/night. Be wise in who you decide to take out.
You win when you have majority over Town.

  1. dkun - N0 - modkill - D1 Start
  2. BRBP - D1 - Sailor - Lynched on the main mast - D1 End
  3. Sakura - N1 - Sailor - Hung on the foremast - D2 Start
  4. Raging Bull - D2 - Sailor - Walked the plank! - D2 End
  5. Lybydose - N2 - CO - Nowhere to be found - D3 Start
  6. those - D3 - Pirate Leader - Head chopped off - D3 End
  7. Hika - N3 - Sailor - Stuffed in a barrel - D4 Start
  8. Sync - D4 - Nurse - Hopped overboard - D4 End
  9. NoHitter - N4 - Chief Officer - ??? - D5 Start
  10. Nyquill - D5 - Pirate - Has committed suicide - D5 End
  11. Tsukasa - N5 - Sailor - Killed in his sleep - D6 Start
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Borrowed rules from NoHitter.

1) Do not quote your role PM or anything the mod gives to you.
2) Do not post screenshots or any sort of factual evidence of private communications, either with the mod or amongst yourselves.
3) Do not edit your posts.
4) Do not talk outside of the thread, unless your role PM allows so.
5) Mod has the final say on any issue. If the mod makes a mistake, feel free to PM him to sort it out.
6) If you need any help, or have questions, or just want to talk in general, feel free to PM the mod.
7) Dead people may not post in the thread.

1) Game starts at Day.
2) Deadlines will be 96 hours tentatively. Extensions may be placed depending on the activity.
3) You may vote someone by using this format: Vote : Player. You may also choose to not lynch anyone: Vote: No-Lynch
4) You may also remove your vote by using this format: Unvote
5) When a player receives more than half of the total votes at any point during the day, that player is automatically lynched.
6) Once a player is lynched, there shall be no posting in the thread even before the mod posts the lynch scene. Night will commence shortly.
7) If no one has been lynched, and the deadline has passed, the person with the most votes gets lynched. If there is a tie, the one who reached the tying amount of votes first, is lynched.
8) A player has to remain active, at least one post per 24 hours. If a player has not posted for 24 hours, one may request for them to be prodded.
9) If the player prodded doesn't respond, a he/she will be replaced.
10) If the player gets prodded three times already and still becomes inactive he/she will be automatically replaced.
11) If no replacement can be found. The player will be modkilled instead.

1) Night lasts 24 hours.
2) Any roles or factions with active night abilities may choose to use them by PM-ing the mod (see the Role PM for role-specific instructions).
3) Once the deadline for night has passed, all actions not received will count as a No Action.
Joining and reading OP after.

fine ill join fine
Will be fun to try this out, count me in
Kanye West
sure why not
Vote: fartownik
ami doin it rite guise?

BRBP wrote:

Vote: fartownik
ami doin it rite guise?
Yes :(

ben u suck
We're going to revive the italian family guys

teach me how to mafia guys
Raging Bull
im not good at these games but it's still fun

of course I have to be in this game.
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I think we can cap the signups here. What amazing response for the first game in a very long time!

Expect role PM's to fly out in 12-24 hours!

(I'll be glad to take any willing replacements at this point! Let me know if you're interested.)
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