[resolved] Random select always picks the first member of a group [confirmed]

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Explain the issue you are having:
This is a Bug (?) which annoys me for a longer time but didn't noticed that this is always so. The randomizer at the Song Selection picks always the first song from a group.

Is it reproducible? If so, explain the steps to do so:

1. Order your Songs after Rank (or something else because I think this works with everything)
2. Choose one of these groups.
3. Click on Random/press F2. He will always pick the first song of the Group.

Include any relevant video or screenshots, and hardware information for hard crashes or lag issues:
Well it happens to me too
but only when I let the randomizer continue until the end without pressing F2 again
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Confirming. If a song of the desired group isn't already selected, F2 will always pick the first one of the group the first time. However, clicking another time on F2 won't select the first song anymore.

Quite low priority if you ask me.
This bug has been fixed as of June 11.
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