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Artist:ClariS Circle Size:
Approach Rate:
Title:Connect (Nightcore Trance Remix) HP Drain:
Star Difficulty:
Creator:Naryuga Accuracy:
Length:3:30 (3:10 drain)
Source:Puella Magi Madoka Magica Genre:Unspecified (Other) BPM:216
Tags:konekuto mahou shoujo madoka magica opening 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ testmx1 User Rating:
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Sep 18, 2012
Nov 16, 2015
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Connect with BPM 216!! :3
Listen via YouTube
Nice song <<Connect>> + Nice effect <<Nightcore>> = JUST AWESOME ' v '

PLEASE REDOWNLOAD if you download this before May 17th, 2013 since the mp3 file has been replaced to a better quality one and changed offset!

8 difficulties; 4 for osu! and 4 for Taiko, all made by Naryuga
Please mod >w< (or m4m?)

The Hyper diff is for a better difficulty spread, idk how to map *4.0 Star difficulty, lol

Thank you :3
  • latiaslove (for Comboburst images)
  • Cuvelia (for Taiko modding)
  • xXCrystalMoonAnimeXx (for Standard modding)
  • NewRulerNA (for some advice on Tags)
  • Highslider (for fixing an issue on Insane)
  • 0gre (for Taiko modding)
  • ReySHeL (for Taiko modding)
  • Firce777 (for Taiko modding)
  • kevinelson (for Standard modding)
  • Jerry (for Taiko modding)
  • crna (for some advice on General data)
  • zx_baka_0502442 (for Taiko modding)
  • orioncomet (for Standard modding)
  • iyasine (for Standard modding)
  • Satellite (for some advice on Standard diffs)
  • litoluna (for better mp3 file)
  • Uchiha_sorayuki (for Taiko modding)
  • Alarido (for Standard modding)
  • ts8zs (for whole modding)
  • Rei Hakurei (for whole modding)
  • AniMe666 (for Taiko modding)
  • Asphyxia (for Insane diff modding)
  • Secretpipe (for Standard modding)
  • Lapis Aoki (for Standard modding)
  • JUDYDANNY (for Taiko modding)
  • Quilt (for some suggestion on Insane diff)
  • jogfi2002 (for Standard modding)
  • TKSalt (for Taiko modding and Taiko icon)
  • A R U S (for Taiko modding)
  • Dainesl (for Taiko modding)
  • Lundlerol (for Taiko modding)
  • Kenterz9 (for Standard modding)
  • konoshin69 (for Standard modding)
  • streeteelf (for Standard modding)
    ...And You!

  • Sep. 18th(2012): First Submitted
  • Oct. 1st: Graveyarded
  • Dec. 16th: Revived. I was amazed the number of favorites (as many as 18 favs at the moment!)
  • Jan. 3rd(2013): Changed Taiko BG because of unrankable issue
  • March 1st: Revived again like a phoenix(32 favs atm!) and moved to Pending Beatmaps!
  • May 17th: Changed mp3 file into a better one (thx litoluna <3)
  • Nov. 24th: WOW 80 favs!! and resurrected
  • Feb. 13th(2014): OMG 100 favs!!!!! <3
  • March 14th: Taiko'd by TKS xD
  • Jan. 26th(2015): Completed the Hyper difficulty!
  • Oct. 22nd: アーレス(revived)